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QR Trackday Sunday 31st October

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Dan76, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Well at this stage I intend on doing this date, will keep an eye on the weather a bit closer to the time, just in case!

    We had a good turnout last time, 5 Netriders all up.

    For those that haven't done one before, don't be afraid to give it a go.
    You can ride at your own pace, there is no pressure for you to go faster than you are comforatble with.

    I know James is keen for this one too, who else?

  2. yeah only thing is it is a sunday , so may be a little full, could get a garage if enough people.

    Also trying to track down spare street fairings.
  3. the fatman on the safety orange cbr will be there!
  4. would they let someone with a nsw learner's ride there?
  5. why in nsw we can rider around on our own on l's
  6. Thank you for your email. Unfortunately the minimum requirement for our
    track days is a provisional licence, not a learner licence.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any further queries.



    www.championsridedays.com.au | www.championsonlineshop.com.au
    p: 07 5549 0364
    f: 07 5547 6400
  7. Thats a bummer mate How long you got to go on your L's?
  8. until 3rd of december
  9. Im thinking about doing a track day at qr but which layout do they normally do for bikes?
  10. the full (longest) circuit
  11. Race thief, it is the paper clip design.

    Try it and smile, is all i will say

    oh and dont worry about if your fast or slow.

    Now the question is do you line up tution , and pray it is fine.
  12. Ok thanks, i've only got a 250cc will it be a big disadvantage on the back straight?
  13. na not really, you be grinning too much to care, bigger bikes will get you but they can only over take you on the out side of corners or straights , when you are in the slow group, I dont think i saw any one even attempt a corner overtake, usually it is on the straights and they give you heaps of room .
  14. The weather we have been having is CRAP!!

    I certainly hope it fines up for the 31st, would love a completely dry track this time so I can push a bit harder. Was a bit annying dodging puddles last time.

    I am getting my gearing changed tomorrow to hopefully give me a bit more drive coming out of the corners. That was the only thing that annoyed me last time, being able to pass through the corner and be ahead at the exit but not having the oomph to keep ahead of the thous by the next corner.
    Was still heaps of fun though! :D
  15. I thought being passed by a fatman would have been the most annoying thing ;-P
  16. LOL! I love the way you refer to yourself as the fatman, bloody funny! =D>

    I'm not sure if you were following me at all at the last one, if you were.. did you get any footage?
  17. no stupid me being fat and all was to lazy setting it up for that one :-( I promise I will next time!

    I will be tracking my superduke next as well!
  18. How tough are the scrutineers? Are they likely to have a problem with scrappy fairings?