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QR Trackday 22/09/10 - Whos keen?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Dan76, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. I've booked in for my first trackday on Wed 22 September at QR with Champions Ridedays.

    Went out yesterday to have a look as they were running a trackday. Awesome stuff, I can't wait to get out there!!

    I have posted a few shots in the photography section for those that want a peek.

    So whos keen to give it a go??
  2. Not much interest??

    6 weeks to go now, can't wait!! :angel:
  3. cost? any one else taggin along?
  4. i'd love to go, but money's too tight. plus i'd say they'd frown upon my awesome draggin jeans
  5. yeah , leather top and bottoms,
  6. Has QR been resurfaced yet? It was developing some terrible bumps a few years ago.
  7. Cost is $135 for the day, its $50 to hire leathers if you don't have any.

    Lilley, not sure if or when it was resurfaced. I know there are a few little bumps but hopefully nothing to worry about.

    So far from here its Doug and me, possibly Shaneo??
    Also a couple of others from a different corner of the interwebs :)

    I'll be taking my new toy out there (once I've got some practice on it), a 2005 Honda CBR600RR. :biker:
  8. so what you do with the triple?
  9. Still got my Striple R mate, wouldn't sell that!!

    Sold my GP1 scooter finally and bought the CBR so I don't have to use my Trumpy on the track. The CBR is registered too, so will be able to get the feel for it before heading out to the track ;)

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  10. is that taken with a fisheye lens or did it meet a wall?
  11. LOL! Taken with 8mm fisheye.
  12. Ben are you thinking of joining us on the track? I think it would be a good experience for you mate. :)
  13. Yeah , thinking about it, working out budget, as would want to do the coaching part as well. Be a long day as ride out and back .
  14. yeah I know mate, trailer would be better option but I haven't got one either.

    The day can be done at whatever pace you are comfortable with. The tuition is a great idea and will help you realise the capabilities of the bike more.

    I'm sure you could meet up with Doug and Kell for the ride out there too.

    Let us know if you book in, be good to see you out there!
  15. I'm keen if someone has a spare trailer slot for my bike. Happy to contribute petrol $.
  16. Sounds like most of us will be riding out there Luke, where do you live again?
    Don't want to ride out?
  17. QR hasn't been resurfaced yet. It's gettin worse and worse. Mega bumps coming out T2 now. Bit annoying getting on the gas when the rear keeps bouncing.
  18. Might want to throw some thing in the qld section , as hard to find it hiding down here.

    I be keen to tee up with others in brissy , and ride out.
  19. Good point, I will post it there too.
  20. I'm at Coorparoo. I'm not a big fan of riding out. Well I've never done it before but at the end of a day at the track I fall asleep in the car instantly. It'd be suicide riding an hour back to Bris. Not to mention the pain in the ass involved in having to pump up tyres. Put indicators and number plate back on. Etc. And I like to take an assortment of tools and food and so forth.

    Hmmm reading the above you will be forgiven for thinking I'm high maintenance....