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QR Trackday 12th December

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ricethief, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. I've booked myself in for my first track day on the 12th with coaching, who else is planning on going?

    Im taking the bike in a van, so bringing along a jerry can, water and a chair, what should I bring on the day? Do I need to bring something for shade or will there be enough pit bays to share?

  2. I'd recommend a rain-suit...
  3. Im hoping showers at worse, otherwise i could bring a jetski and wetsuit instead.
  4. The pits are good enough, it is middle of week so you will get a spot.

    Take atleast 5 perfferable 10L of spare fuel. Throwing plates / mirrors on to get to a servo is a pain.

    Take some water or something to stay hydrated, so you can concentrate.

    You need to remove / turn in / tape the mirrors. Have the bike in good condition ( no sharp edges, nothing falling off, helmet and fairings in good nick.

    As your doing the coaching , you will be in air con for a fair chunk of your down time.

    I would tape or remove number plate.

    Ride at 70 % so you can learn from the day .

    Enjoy it you will have a ball, oh and as captain fanta pants has mentioned , rain suit , thou if it is a wet track , i would put the coaching off for another day , as you will be pushed out side ya comfort zone a little , and the wet track just adds to it.

    Best thing i have done bike wise in last 6 months is a track day with coaching.
  5. Watch out for the braking areas. Ever watched a bull rider?
  6. Haha.

    I was going to say that if they ever turned QR into a water course there are quite a few sections of the track that would make awesome rapids!
  7. If they turned it into a water course, there'd be places where you'd only need a snorkel, and places where you'd need a hard suite, and lots of time to decompress.:-({|=

    Actually, it's been a while since I went, but I found it beautifully smooth everywhere - except the 2 main braking areas at the end of the front and the back straights.
  8. Back straight is good, the front well, hang on .

    The other annoying bump is between 1 and 2, just out side the line,
  9. Thanks ben, will keep the tips in mind.
  10. i hear there is a track day at lakeside on the 11th as well.
  11. yeah only hiccup with lake side, is they want 3 previous track days some where else, and they run a db meter over your bike, so even if you think it would pass, you book, and then cant get under the meter, during the morning / scutternering you forfiet your day.
  12. You will find that is 95db when you are on the track, rather than putting the db meter next to the vehicle.
  13. yeah i think i will be over, pitty there isnt an easy way to find out on the cheap before hand
  14. can someone give me more info on QR and Lakeside days please - or point me to a web page

    my agent will be there with my range of helmets so I want to promote that on other forums

    Thank you kindly
  15. http://championsridedays.com.au/portal/content/view/38/1/

    Does that help? (as I understand it your seller travels a lot, so I don't know how often he attends the two tracks here these days).
  16. Thank you - it helps me as I am a noobie to all the circuits race days track days etc

    much appreciate your assistance
  17. i can get access to a DB meter if people would like to test their bikes.
  18. There's a bump between 1 and 2 now? Oh.

    Not trying to be smart or funny (just for one moment) but I'm generally right up against the outside edge between one and two. If it was outside my line, the grass'd cover it.
  19. Who is your agent in qld? I wouldnt mind seeing the helmets in the flesh.

    I reckon that would be great for those wanting to go to lakeside but not wanting to risk not passing.
  20. i asked yesterday and i was told i can borrow the db meter when ever i want, so if there is track days or what ever or youo would just like to know drop me a msg and i will see what i can work out.