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QR this Sunday 10/04

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Dan76, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. I'm booked into Green Group for a trackday this Sunday with Champions at QR. Anyone else planning on heading out there?

    Now that the Repsol is gone I'll be popping the Street Triple's cherry!! :angel:

  2. so how was it or you miss the 600 already?
  3. Mate it was friggen awesome!!!

    Yes I missed the CBR..... until I got out on track!

    I thought I might take a while to get used to the different dynamics of the bike but instantly felt comfortable. Knee down in the first session (see pic) without dramas and steadily got faster and better throughout the day.
    Got a few comments from guys in my group about my cornering speed. Seems they figured since they were on thous that they would be lapping faster than me :cheeky:
    During the 4th and 5th sessions I was consistently lapping 1.28s, not too bad considering my top speed was a measly 208km/hr (wind buffeting was a b!tch without fairings and screen!)

    I put Pirelli Rosso Corsas on the bike and only got 40kms on them before hitting the track. They are brilliant as a track day tyre and seem to be holding up pretty well considering the punishment I dished out.

    The weather couldn't have been better too, got pretty warm out there but it was crystal clear all day with a slight breeze.

    I'm looking forward to getting out to Morgan Park sometime after May.

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  4. cool good to see ya having a ball, how did you get ya lap times ? Will have to see how the Pirelli handle the road, as they were on my list of possible replacements once mine are due for replacement.

    How was the crowd?
  5. The Street has a built in lap timer, activated by the starter button once the bike is running ;)

    There were heaps of guys out but it wasn't overfull. Quite a few spectators there and I had 4 other mates on track too. :)