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  1. QNBEE submitted a new showcase item:


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  2. Good to see you are back on two wheels. :)
  3. @QNBEE what bag do you have on the rack there? I am in the market for a decent (water/weather proof) bag to replace my poor back pack. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Also, nice Bike ;)
  4. It's a Ventura bag, I bought it along with the Ventura rack. Peter Stevens have them but I think you need to order it in :)

    Cjvfr Good to be back on two wheels, and with more grunt this time ( insert evil laugh here)
  5. Thanks I will check them out :)
  6. Hey QNBEE loving the bike......looks good.

    What are the kinks you are ironing out? Is this brand new?
  7. What, no bright yellow stripes?

    I wish you much joy of it.
  8. Yeh she's brand new, first service on Monday :)
    Kink is that she's very hot, as in I got third degree burns from the seat as the air is being pushed up from the motor. Have spoken to the dealer and they aren't willing to help, he then spoke to Yamaha Australia and apparently it's a design flaw, still not willing to help. So I've done some homework and it seems I can pull the tank off and line it with heat reflective film that motorbike racers use. Until I can afford to do that I am using a sheepskin to block out the heat, works an absolute treat :)
  9. No yellow stripes :( blinging her in red instead. Was going to cost too much to change colour, so number plate stays the same just not the colour theme of the bike :)
  10. Shame about the issues but glad you're getting them sorted, see you on a ride some time :)