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Qn: Oils for a 2 stroke. Noob qn.

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by TimTam, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    im getting a used scooter yamaha bee wee 100cc 2 stroke to be exact.

    And was wondering when people talk about 2 stroke oils (mixing with fuel).

    Are they talking about the engine oil? Or is it engine oil and 2 stroke oil is two different things you need to have?


  2. specific 2 stroke oil.

    you will either need to put a cetrain amount directly into the tank when you fuel up to make a ratio of fuel to oil or fill up an automatic mixing reservoir every now and then.

    go to your nearest knowlegable bike shop and ask em for some 2 stroke oil and if they can give you a quick heads up on how to do it, I'm sure they will help.

    oh and 2strokes dont need "engine oil" in the same respect as 4 strokes. adding oil to the fuell lubricates the engine. you may or may not still require gearbox oil i dont know enough about scooters to be certain.
  3. The BeeWee has a seperate tank for 2 stroke oil. Fill it up and off you go. It will last about 700kms. A full tank of fuel will get you about 130-150kms depending on how hard you push it. I've done 850kms on my new BeeWee in 5 weeks and only had to fill my 2 stroke oil last week. When you turn on your ignition, the oil light will glow for a second or two, this indicates that you do have oil in the tank, if the oil light glows continuously it is to let you know you need to refill the two stroke oil tank.
    As mentioned above, 2 stroke engines don't have oil/sump.
    A litre of yamalube 2 stroke oil will set you back about $18 a litre. I buy mine in a 4 ltr pack, i think it cost about $55 retail.
    Their is also gear oil 80w90 in your final drive. Change the gear oil every 2500/3000kms. If your not getting a mechanic to do it for you, buy the oil in little 120ml tubes(about $8 each) or else buy a big bottle and use a syringe to get it into the final drive. Drain out the old final drive/gear oil first though.
  4. thank you, understood now :)
  5. May i ask how is it that you can do 850km on a single tank on your Beewee? What year made is your Beewee, have you modified or add anything aftermarket parts to it, what average speed did you do for this? Because i highly doubt i, or anyone who owns this scooter, will ever achieve this - unless i push it around without starting the engine. Maximum for me, maybe 160km on a full tank, any more than this, i might as well get off the bike and push it around the street, and my Beewee isn't modified anything, just as factory, i even took the almost everything off to lighten the bike(centre stand, back seat metal bar, headlight metal bar), i even lose my own bodyweigh (over 8kg less recently). I might even consider chucking the bloody wheels off the bike if i could get more distance, but then again the bike needs wheels. Anyway, so tell me, how you managed 850km on one tank? Because i will kill to do it anything like that.
  6. Perhaps read what you have quoted, PrinceOfBeeWee.
    Caz said "A full tank of fuel will get you about 130-150kms depending on how hard you push it."
    the 850km refers to the OIL reservoir being refilled.
  7. Cheers, and thanks for the clarifications. By the way, have you modified your beewee, can you do more than 100kmph on yours, i'm looking for ideas for mine.
  8. You dont have to buy the yamalube either there are plety of otge oil. Which can be had for around $12
  9. Trade it for a larger scooter.

    Seriously, 100cc scoots are designed for countries where 80kph is considered fast. It might be possible to squeeze 100kph out of one through changing the exhaust, carbs and/or increasing displacement but the cost isn't worth it, especially since the rest of the scooter (particularly the brakes) is really only designed for 50-60kph.
  10. May i ask what bike you're riding now? Also, what year made was your beewee, when did you traded in and how much did you get for it? Cheers
  11. I've not owned a beewee, but it's no different to any of the other 100cc or so 2-stroke scooters buzzing around Asia which were slow even in comparison with a 175cc 4-stroke motorcycle (which itself was struggling to do much above 100kph).

    Currently I use a GPX250 for commuting as it's what I consider the minimum for frequent 100kph riding, though some of the large-wheeled 250cc and 400cc scooters I've encountered out on the road seem to cope okay.

    What you have is something designed for urban streets, not for highway use. Tiny wheels and front brakes just don't suit high speed riding. This is the reason why small scooters are in fact banned from highways in many countries.
  12. Thanks for your insight JD, and i'm sorry me and my Beewee is an outcast for freeways. I travel around back streets, metropolitans, in and around parks, beaches and down the road to get milks and breads, because i don't like the concrete, large lanes and less of the greeneries on freeways. If i can help it i'll walk, but my legs are getting lazy and giving up me. It tells me, it's through walking, "NO more!!" it says. I may look for bigger bikes future, but for now i'm very happy with it. They can ban me, they can say i don't look like anyone, they can say i have eyes with two headlights all in the wrong place, they can say i make too much noise for such a little machine, but they can never take away me and my baby. Because my baby sleeps with me, and my baby also farts too - i tend to block my nose when she does this. Cheers
  13. Rofl! Wtf??!!!