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[QLD] Zx6R death wish

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by jjman, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    was driving home today in the work ute and thought id pass through the city and when i jumped on the motorway heading south had a bike zx6r come from nowhere fly up the side of me barley missing my left mirror. followed him for a while in peek hour traffic bumper to bumper 3 lanes of traffic at 80kmh he was no word of a lie, no more then 1m behind each car for about 5 min swearing in and out of traffic moved into a lane and did not shoulder check at all having to squish up between the 2 lanes when he finally realized there was a car in that lane. Couldn’t believe it as he drove off i was watching his tail light just waiting for him to get hit and run over by all the traffic.

    P.S. also had no gear on just a helmet.
  2. Sounds like me, cept I am usually on a GS500 :p
  3. Cool story bro.

    Sounds like a skilful rider.:angel:
  4. Well there's your problem. Join him.
  5. I don't get it...what's the big fizz?
  6. tl;dr.

    Got a more succinct version?
  7. This:

  8. TLDR summary- Car driver rants about bike rider using their small size to get advantage.
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  9. im not understanding how you can 'drive' a motorcycle.

    therefore your story is invalid.

  10. Obviously not getting my point...no point to this.
  11. What was the point, exactly?
    That he split traffic and got away without incident?
    Or that he was squiddly-diddling (Shock! Horror!) whilst doing so?
  12. riding like he stole it.....
  13. geez you guys you all missed the point of the story, it's about how skillfull the man in the ute was, he kept up with the bike (well for 5 minutes he did)
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  14. The point wasn't the details of the story, it was the form: the way the (lack of) sentence construction created a breathless kind of beat poetry.

    Good stuff!
  15. Very kerouac indeed
  16. In all seriousness.
    The guy was a SQUID. i think it's really stupid, but alot don't. So be it.

    You were shocked when the guy split past you, at what from your perspective in the car "appeared" dangerous. From the riders position it may have been far less death defying.

    Cars are bumper to bumper at 80k's!? Those idiots should be leaving more room, ya reckon.
    I suspect it was just heavy traffic, and he was negotiating it.

    One meter from the backs of cars?...if he was mid-lane, then that was probable a little silly, but he if was probably off-side, then that's probable standard for someone waiting for the gap to open up.
    Then he finally continued riding down between the lanes.
    If the speed differential was lowish, then no foul there, either. :)

    Perhaps you might elaborate to give us the actual details, because at this point, you sound like the average cream-puff in a cage, that lacks a riders perspective.
  17. You could hear him using bad language over the traffic - he must have been loud then...
  18. Ah see, that's the issue. His pipes weren't loud enough so the cars couldnt hear him, so to compensate he had to yell profanities while riding erratically.

  19. Was this on the Riverside Expressway about 5:30pm? Was it a red ZX6R? Did you have a red D675 behind/near you that exited at Cornwall St exit?

    If it's this guy, I know what you mean. I was chilling out in the left lane doing 80kph in an 80 zone behind some guy on my Daytona. Because this guy (cager) wasn't tailgating the car in front, the ZX loaded it up, buzzed me, dangerously split between two cars doing well over 100kph then got jammed up a few car spaces up ahead.

    ****ing dipshit. I do some silly shit in traffic and even I was shaking my head at that.