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[QLD] WTB Nolan helmets in brisbane??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by TRA, May 24, 2011.

  1. All I can find is online dealers or companies outside of brisbane?

    I want to try on a Nolan n102 before buying one, so online dealers are of no use to me. Surely there has to be a dealer that sells nolan helmets in Brisbane somewhere? Will also be chasing the n-com system so preferably someone who stocks both.


  2. I would have thought Morgan and Wacker sold them,
  3. Leading edge motor cycles, Pine road brentdale, Brisbane have them.
    Google is your friend,
  4. Cheers, been doing the google thing for 2 days now! I'll give Leading Edge a call and see if they got the bits I want.
  5. All I typed in was,
    Nolan helmets in Brisbane,
    Thats what I got,
  6. Yeah I must have missed it, not sure why. Perhaps getting to technical with my searches!
  7. You gotta keep it simple, Mate,
    If that dont work, add a bit more, or change the wording, Hahahahahaha
  8. Springwood Suzuki also stock them and the n-com stuff... See Kylie.
  9. Try Phil at the highside.
  10. Team moto @ Springwood use to. In the Honda store. Give them a ring first.