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[QLD] Worthwhile getting fined for splitting

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. On the ride in this morning, traffic was suddenly particularly horrible in an unexpected area. I split to the front at the lights and discovered why: cops with radar guns (which were unusable because the traffic was at a standstill) conducting general checks. They signalled me to the side and I knew it was for splitting.

    The friendly young female officer explained that they could do me for overtaking on the left - $180 and 3 pts - or for not travelling in a marked lane - $80 and no points. And that she was going to do the second. That was a relief, 'cos the points might have inconvenienced the keeping of my license somewhat.

    I just copped it sweet and kept my thoughts to myself and didn't argue. Didn't claim there was some emergency that meant splitting was justified or anything. She gave me a short safety lecture about 'there are some bad drivers out there that hate motorbikes, and you're likely to be a victim of road range and get knocked off if you split'. I didn't point out that there are also bad, inattentive drivers out there that will pancake you against the car in front if you *don't* split, or the odd logic of telling me to govern my behaviour to avoid others' *illegal* behaviour...

    But as I say, just kept quiet and kept my judgement - which is that I'll make my own decisions about when to split in future, knowing both the safety and the enforcement risks.

    So why do I say it was worthwhile? Because they were also catching cagers who were on the phone. Including the woman they pulled up beside me who was the stereotypical school-run mum in a 4WD and did herself no good at all by arguing with the officer and basically explaining that her need to finish her conversation which she'd started while the lights were red in a civil manner over-rode the law.

    I can wear 80 bucks every 6 months or so as the cost of doing business, but extra enforcement of the laws about phone driving can save my life or my skin.

    Totally worthwhile.
  2. I try and think of it as a small tax to pay for faster travel time, increased safety (depending on which way you look at it) etc. I haven't been caught yet but i won't be bothered when it eventually happens.

    Just out of curiousity, which intersection was it at?
  3. Just be aware that they can do you for each vehicle you pass as well.
  4. serious? :-s

    yea, where was this?

    my experience tells me not to make any form of eye contact, so if they really want to pull me over, they'd have to make an effort to get my attention
  5. I was heading from Moggill to St Lucia, so city-ward on Moggill road, and it was on that downhill section through Kenmore coming toward Kenmore roundabout. There's the set of lights 50 m or so from the roundabout for pedestrians crossing to Kenmore state primary, and the cops were just after that. There were officers basically standing in each lane, it was a 'wave-through, wave-through' for the cars in front and a very direct 'point' to me to pull over, so no evading it.
  6. ...and that's reasonably terrifying, bluezx...
  7. It has not happened to me, I have only heard of one arsehat who did it so I asked a couple of blokes who should know and yes each vehicle you overtake illegally could get you a ticket. This is just so you know what you COULD be getting into.
  8. I suspect that'd get thrown out in any court where justice is taken seriously. So yeah, you'd be screwed in Victoria.
  9. It's a tax on riding a bike. Just like speeding tickets are a tax on using the road. Shitty, but the way it is.
  10. Yeah, and I was thinking: most people would be delighted to pay 50 cents a day to spend half an hour less sitting in traffic.
  11. For sure. And for winning the traffic light grand prixs ;-)
  12. Same again this morning.

    I tried to warn a bloke on a older black GSXR. Didn't help :(
  13. Yeah, saw them there again this morning.
  14. They've done this a few times on Waterworks road in the mornings too - and I wholeheartedly agree that its worth paying $80 every 6 months for the many benefits of splitting.

    (I've been caught once - but since then look out at a few of their regular 'haunts')

    For the record - if they didtry to ague "overtaking on the left" and suggested you pay $180 and 3 points you might like to refer to the road rules, Division3, Paragraph 141, section 1a:
    "A a driver must not overtake a vehicle to the left of the vehicle unless the driver is driving on a multi-lane road and the vehicle can be safely be overtaken in a marked lane to the left of the vehicle"

    As far as I can tell this means if you're splitting between 2 lanes of non-moving traffic you should stick to the left side of the white line (of course you only need to be the left of the line by a matter of millimetres).

    [This is not suggesing the entire manouvre is legitamate - just that THAT particular charge need not apply.]
  15. Unlucky that you got caught! I dunno if it's double standards but I see bike cops filter all the time. I've filtered to the front of traffic at a set of lights and had a cop follow me up and stop beside me without any hassle. After being rear-ended by an inattentive driver on my bike I've become a firm believer in filtering ... I'd rather deal with an agro driver giving me the finger for getting in front of him than become a hood ornament.
  16. I agree. I'd much rather split when it's safe to do so than run the possibility of being squashed by some idiot not paying attention to what's in front of them.
    I've been hit in the car from behind, I was looking in my mirrors and knew they were not going to stop but since I was in the car was nothing I could do. Tow bar ****ed her car up hugely, not a scratch on my car...

    It's always good practise to have an exit for every situation. Leave a car space, make sure there is enough room on either side of the cars to slot in if the worst situation comes about.
  17. some story on the radio yesterday (nova fm i think) claimed 1 in 5 drivers admit to using the internet while driving now, mostly facebook and twitter and mostly with i-phones.
    many people/listenners phoned in claiming they do with no apparent concern or awareness of any dangers/risk in doing so.
    it's a growing trend, people twitter or facebook traffic reports even, as they're driving along.
    you can even buy dashboard mounting keyboards from the US.
    technically i don't think it's even illegal in Vic at least, though texting is.

    so need to be more alert than ever now, as inattentive drivers are more prevalent than ever.
    i've certainly noticed more drivers on the way home from work, with headsets and mics, often having animated discussions with themselves ... but even more certain is they don't notice me as i pass by them.
    they really are in their own little world... even on occassion when i've tried to get their attention and signal them to watch the road, because they've drifted too close to me, i've failed to get them to look my way, because they're just too busy.

    as riders we all know, (daily riders in particular) you are constanly adapting to your envireoment, constantly changing the way you approach the daily grind in response to to best managing the hazards and risks you are faced with.
    i honestly feel this new breed of internet driver is changing my style.
    there are lots of diferent styles to tackle peak hour traffic via bike, which i won't go into.
    but i don't really like the style of riding these drivers are pushing me towards... i'll ride like that if i have to and i have a bike that is capable of it, but i'm not feeling so comfortable about it.
    i think most of the longer term riders here will know what i mean.
    and the tax i pay the police for the benefit of riding is going to increase, as it has in the OP's case... but the reality is my options are getting narrower for managing risk, entirely brought about by the increase in drivers who are otherwise pre-occupied.
  18. Wouldn't be surprised if more do ! That speed camera app, Trapster.. On your iPhone... So you've got speeding drivers who are constantly looking at their phone for speed traps :|