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[QLD] Wivenhoe to Somerset Dam Rd

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by v_quixotic, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. Turn right about 3 km past Fernvale on the Brisbane Valley Highway.

    Fast open corners and a good surface.
    Little traffic except on holidays when you come accross 4WD's towing boats and caravans.

    After you've had a break at the Somerset Dam General Store,
    you can turn right at Northbrook on the way back and head up the range to Mt Glorius.

    Tighter twisties here but watch for the plod and wandering livestock on the 80 kph signed faster sections before the road gets steep.

    After Mt Glorius, you can turn left and head down the other side of the range into Sanford or continue through Mt Nebo for another 30 km of fairly tight twisties.
    Either way, the traffic tends to slow you down.


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  2. Heya why don't you come riding with us?? We normally do the block..

    Nebo, Glorious, Somerset, Kilcoy, Mt Mee...

    Although we do do Maleny, Kenilworth which is a bloody great road...And many others as well....
    Anyway you should come out on some rides with us Brissie people

    Lisa :D
  3. Would love to

    Just PM me, or better let post it in the riade and event anouncements forum.
  4. qld ride


    I would luv to join you if this is a regular run :LOL:

    Can you post in the rides forum 8)