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[Qld] Where is it safe to ride after storm?

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by bkdu, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Hi all!

    Just checking if anyone knows which of the usual suspects/roads are safe to travel for a bit of a ride this Sunday. I know Mt Glorious is out - mate of mine went up and took some pics ... looks horrible up there.
    Was thinking Caboolture towards Maleny/Montville might be better?!

    Hope everybody on here came out of it fairly ok ... also guess we'll be bracing ourselves for the next one?!

    Cheers & stay shiny side up everyone ...

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  2. Maleny is fine, I rode it two days ago.
  3. Great ... thanks for the reply.

    Hope this doesn't make it the wrong forum, but ... I luuuuurve my ZX12 :) Sorry, couldn't help it ... first bike (other than the Warrior) I'm truly happy with ...
  4. why ride after the storm when you could be a rider OF the storm?

    boom ching.
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  5. anyone got news on Springbrook, Nerang-Murwillumbah rides?
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    You could probably ride up to Mt Glorious through Mt Nebo. Its the Samford end which generally is closed. I just checked on the Road Conditions report and it said the western side of Glorious out towards the Wivenhoe Turnoff is closed.
  7. Looks like Mt Nebo Rd is closed as well.
  8. Hmm ... might give it a miss this weekend then. Maybe be a coffee shop biker for a weekend instead :)
  9. Went to Nebo today they were only letting through locals and clean up trucks.
    Mt Mee was fine though. Couple of small branches, occasional spot of gravel. Nothing drastic.
    Couple of rozzers were hanging out on Settlement road too.
  10. Mt. mee was bad yesterday!!
  11. Mt Tamborine was quite nice today. Even visited the Botanic Gardens ... a wee bit slippery in the carpark :eek: We late brunched at Canungra then did some repetitive loops over Tamborine and up and back through Oxenford / Maudsland way. Was good fun over known roads. Low stress. :)

    haven't done the Springbrook rd for a few weeks .. or Numingbah ... is that open ??
  12. Numinbah apparently open, or so said the signs today. I went no further than Pine creek rd though. Springbrook's fine, Clagiraba road still closed at the bridge. The two legacy roadworks at Beechmont still going. I could swear I haven't seen a change in them all summer...
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  13. hmmm Numingbah it will be later in the week ... workus interuptus :(
  14. Numinbah is perfectly good on the Qld side, ok on NSW side (the usual), a section on traffic lights not far over the border into NSW a couple weeks ago. It didn't look like something that would soon be fixed anytime soon.