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(QLD) Where are the rides?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hotwheelsaust, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Ok I can't cope with this anymore. Can someone tell me where the QLD rides are, if any. I joined the event/ride calendar, I get the Friday email, I check QLD ride and events, but nothing is ever on. Or am I missing something? Please someone put me out of my misery with not knowing. I am not missing out on going on rides, just nothing from here.

  2. ..so start one!
  3. Yep. Joel is right. Be pro-active. If you organize it, they will come.
  4. You sound like a sheep, time to be the Shepherd. :grin:
  5. While I agree with you about being pro-active. I still find it very daunting since I am new with the riding, don't know the areas that well, and don't think I would be a great ride leader. At this stage I don't feel prepared for being the shepherd, but hopefully soon in the future I might.
  6. Have a great big cup of HTFU, and have a crack at it , mate. What do you have to lose?
  7. Just because you organised the ride doesn't mean you have to be ride leader.. :wink: Delegate! :LOL:
  8. I can tell you that if you head north on any Sunday and head up towards Maleny you will see heaps of bikes. Carry on to Connondale and Kenilworth and there about lunch time you will see anything from 50+ bikes sometimes more. Then hang about and chat to riders. From there you can just head east to Eumundi and the highway then south for home. Or from Kenilworth head the same way but over the river take a right and run back via Mapleton and Nambour or Mapleton and Flaxton along the range then down and home.

    ps if you want to ride with me pack a sandwich and we eat at Perth :LOL:
  9. perhaps this thread would be of interest to you....?


    So, yeah, i'm keen for another group ride. Tend to be a lot busier these days, so other than planned in advance rides the only others i go on are very spur of the moment. If any other plans develop, i'll let you know.

    (the crazy motherfcuker on the cow bike)
  10. Hi Cuvy, welcome to Netriders...

    A lot of rides are planned in Brisbane, and you can find plenty of great people to ride with at Brisbane Bikers - they tend to leave VERY early in the morning, meeting at the BP Milton around 6am :shock: !
    Also try Qld Motorcycle Riders Forum - a heap of locals who'll pretty much ride anywhere to meet up with everyone - although, be warned that a 2-3 hour ride can end up taking 7 or 8 hours or more!! Most of the bike shops have group rides at least once a month - Pro Honda has them listed on the Honda Riders Club website.

    I've also organised to meet in the West once a month for a Sunday ride and coffee, although this month has been hard to be plan with the unpredictable weather, and my being offline for most of the last 4 weeks, but check the Qld ride announcements, I'll have something organised soon!!!

    You can always try heading out Fernvale way, the Blacksoil BP is a meeting point most weekends!

    And most of all, if you see another rider around your area, don't be afraid to flip that visor up and say hello!! Most of the time, you'll find a new riding buddy!!

    Ride Safe!!
  11. Yeah Cuvy...welcome to NR :LOL:
    (Sorry Carol but Cuvy's been around almost as long as you have :grin: )
    It seems a lot of us have been quiet lately.

    I'm planning to start the monthly ride up again in March/April. I was away in October/November doing the GOR which was awesome and with Christmas, the unpredicatble weather, high humidity, and taking the time to just get together with another rider or two on an adhoc ride, I haven't had a lot of time to plan rides.

    Sorry I missed your ride and meet up at the coffee club Carol, it looked like a great day. Unfortunately I'm a dad every second weekend and couldn't make it.

    So I shall start planning the next ride. I have done a couple of rides up to Crows Nest over the summer and figure we've been North and South but never really been West, so that might be the go :)


    ps. For previous ride info check out http://members.ozemail.com.au/~muttly/
  12. Hi Greg!

    We're all hibernating elsewhere, waiting for the dams to fill, the rain to stop and the moderators to let Cookeetree back here!! :wink:

    If you've got a route for a western ride, please share it - you've got a whole lot more riding experience than me!! :grin: and set a date that suits your Dad Day Duties for a March/April ride.
  13. Didn't cookietree leave of his own accord?

  14. No he was booted because of a reply to an Email about a Thread in QLD Rides & Events Regarding a Coffee Ride being locked By Mouth
  15. bullshit, he had a tantrum about a mod-action performed by an admin, and took his bat & ball & went home. bloody sook.
    i guess he's like the others that go about sayin' "yeah, dude, i totally got banned by NR, im so cool"
    to be exact, he threw a post saying "reinstate this thread or else I'm leaving" the thread wasnt reinstated, so he had a cry and went home.
    pffft, who cares?!?
  16. Thanx Joel. That is what I thought happened. I don't concern myself with it , as people come and go from forums all the time
  17. Hey Muttly

    A ride out West sounds good...I came back through Toowoomba from a trip down south a few weeks ago and went via Esk to Landsborough where Im currently staying with friends. The ride down the escarpment into Esk was fantastic, scenic and twisty....I suspect most Sthn Qld riders have done this ride before at some time....Im up for a ride in the next couple of weeks if anyones interested. Would be good to meet a few Netriders as Im only new to the forums...