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[QLD] Vintage japanese bike swap meet, Sun Apr 1st

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: HooNz

    Mount Tamborine Showgrounds
    9am - 12noon

    Trade Displays and Food & Drink

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  2. more shows nothing more than the initial post :?: :idea: :!:
  3. yeah a little clarification would be good... :wink: I'd go if i knew what was on offer.
  4. I not affilliated.....or paid to promote.

    Never bin there as yet so i do not know if there are many classic jap bits , but as i might have my licence sus-pended by then (outta demerit points). so someone else might be able to check it out.. :idea:

    i looked in the rules? and did not see anything about outside links and since i am typing to much all ready - vjmcoz org/rally htm put the usual stuff in front of the address and fill in the gaps with dots :shock:

    Public swap meet on the sunday , 1st april .....
  5. mmmn i may go just out of interest...
  6. might go just for the day out.

    should be fun, nails in tyres excluded
  7. On the subject of swapmeets Maleny motorcycle only Swapmeet is on Sunday 18th March at the maleny showgrounds, set up is from 2pm the previous day for sellers getting bigger every year.
    leave early sunday as it is usually all over by 1pm Sunday, good ride anyway even if you don't find a bargain.

  8. this is a greaat idea
  9. well, i'd probly go......b-----u-----t

    i'll be at harvard

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    and no - my virago is NOT vintage so it ain't goin either..... :cool:
  10. Website for the rally is http://www.vjmcoz.org/rally.htm

    KSRC are doing a run up on Sunday from Springwood.

    Anyone here going up? I'll be heading up with the KSRC lot - unless I get a better offer :wink:
  11. darn another ride missed :cry:

    but, i have just arrived in boston and now sitting in the midst of harvard university......and i won't be leaving here til monday :cry:

    and soooooo the os adventure continues :cool:
  12. Hey Kezza - you should be braggin about running around the US on the latest 14 and how much fun it is :)

    (Doesn't matter if it's not true - just so long as it makes us jealous)

  13. Sorry, as I am now sans-bike, I wont be going.

  14. How long do you think it'll be before you're on 2 wheels again Jim?
  15. check the blog and u'll be able to see the two bikes i've already had a chance to sit on (follow link to kezza's albums).......and ottawa was just the first stop.... :cool:
  16. darn shame jim...... :(

    i hope it won't be too long.......
  17. Auscruiser, I'm going with the kwakka people :)
  18. Dunno auscruiser, I'm moving house from Tas, so it'll be a while.

    Have a good un you lot
  19. Vintage japanese bike swap meet, Sun Apr 1st
    Yeah, its winter coming upon us. Mental Note: Must attend, need to stock up on firewood load ute with old jappers.