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Qld - Valley Chinatown Carpark

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bkdu, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Hi all

    Just a heads up to everybody who uses this carpark ... there is no longer a discount for bike parking as of today.
    They upgraded their thieving (err ticket) system some weeks ago and have now completely removed attendants from the booth. There is no provision whatsoever to discount bikes ... and they don't care as I've been told.

    Other than parking on the road (not an option in the Valley) there really is nothing left for bikes ... all other car parks have already phased out bike parking. Guess greed is the ultimate winner these days.

    Anyway, for the moment I'm "depositing" $4 plus my ticket at the booth, then leaving by going around the boom gate. I'm still only parking in a single bike bay, so until someone hassles me, that will be my "fairness" approach.

    Yes, it's not quite right, but neither is charging us the same as a car.

    Anyway, anybody else on here who's been parking there? What are you doing? Does anyone know an alternative for (reasonably secure) parking?

  2. Just start parking in a full car bay, that's probably the only way you'll bring any significant attention to the problem so that it gets fixed. Your paying for a full one anyway (wel, meant to be).
  3. should get a bunch of mates and have all the bikes take up one car space each, they might change their tune.
  4. I used to park at the side of the old virgin blue building, in barry pde (i think).
  5. +1 ! i like this idea, that'll teach them. but i believe there is an area for bikes parking, not secure, and just at that really busy intersection entering the valley, i think it's diagonally across the thai restaurant. that's the only parking i found in the valley.
  6. Will it? They get paid the same either way. The only people it will 'teach' are the innocent customers who decided to travel there in cages.
  7. I used to park on a building walkway. (near the katmandu store). there was a store there that has been empty for some time. I doubt it is legal but i havent been booked yet.
  8. That's the point, the cage drivers will complain to the parking company that bikes are taking up car spaces then when they start questioning bike riders just turn around and say "If we pay the same as cars we will continue to use full bays" They stand to lose money as they would fit more customers in with dedicated bike bays and more cars parking in the spots the bikes will up to then have taken up.
  9. thanks for the feedback. Not too keen on parking on the road/walkways/etc ... it's the Valley, so lots of ferrals running around.

    As for using up car bays ... could work due to complaints from car drivers who miss out on parking as suggested, but I think you'd need about 20 riders every day for several weeks ... there ususally were only about 6 bikes parked there ... guess that's why they don't care.

    Have done what I said and deposited my ticket together with $4 into the booth on my way out ... then just went around the boom gate ... I'll see what happens :angel:
  10. I would continue what you are doing until confronted by it. Then state your intention to park in a car bay.

    1 bike in a car bay would do the trick. How many cars would go past and get pissed off there is a bike in the car space rather than the bike space? Only one bike but there would be 50 odd people every day who notice and get the shits. Leave a note on your bike explaining your protest in case someone comes over to have a look. That will divert their rage from you to the car park operators.
  11. If there are no bike specific tickets and the boom gates are short enough to ride around then clearly the parking company's intention is to let bikes park for free :p
  12. dcbear78
    Did continue what I said ... had to leave late from work yesterday and was in fact confronted ... as the booth is all closed off and cardboarded up from the inside, my assumption is that the b1tch (sorry I'm pi$$ed) was waiting for me ... must have been there for quite some time just so she can catch me :)
    She explained that there is no more bike discounts and that this was marked on the sign ... the usual patronising approach those greedy thieving types take ... so I returned the favour and played dumb - "What? No more bike parking?! Oh well, won't do it again." :)
    With that I went straight past her and around the boom gate ... what made me smile was that I only deposited $3 in the sliding window of the booth - 'cause I didn't have more change and because on Monday I paid $5 because they didn't have any money at all in the register ... made a pact with myself to never be forgiving or nice in this way to carpark staff again.

    Anyway, will look around for alternate parking as of next week. If I do have to park in any full fee carpark, then I will most definitely use up one entire carpark. Good idea about the note though ... might just try that for a week and see if there's any feedback. I'm guessing they'll wait for me again and tell me to park in a bike spot ... at which point they will be told at full fee I'll park in any bay I damn like as long as it's not marked for handicapped or prams ... and will then update my note on the bike accordingly :)


    On a happier note ... mobile contract ran out so I went and got a Samsung Galaxy S ... having lots of fun with the new toy :) Even happier now that I worked out how to synchronise my Outlook details with Android and managed to set up email for my Pop3 account ... with no help from Optus whatsoever I might add. Other than selling you the phones and explaining some features they're utterly useless. Couldn't even provide the correct SMTP server ... had to find that online on a forum.

    Anyway, let the boycott begin ... :)

    Cheers and always stay shiny side up
  13. Parked the bike in a "desirable" car spot ... at an angle to ensure I'm using the full spot.
    Also put a sign on the bike:
    Hi there

    Annoyed at the bike sitting in a car bay?

    Well, bikes used to park in the bike bays, which are about 1/3 of the size of a car bay. Because we occupied/rented less space, we had to pay less.

    As of Monday, 12 July 2010 the justly discounted rate for bikes had been phased out … we now pay full price.

    Since we’re paying the same as a car, I should have the choice to park anywhere I wish, other than handicapped or pram dedicated parking spaces.

    If this annoys you – and I hope it does – then perhaps direct your anger at the people who deserve it and complain to the car park staff.
    Alternatively, why not call Wilson Parking (details below) and give them a piece of your mind?!

    Wilson Parking are "responsible" ... their number is (07) 3233 0706.

    Trying the sign for a week or two ... if nothing happens I'll be back on the train I guess ... after six years of blissful riding to work :(
  14. Put in a phone complaint yourself yet? Maybe do a few with a dodge fake voice :p

    Also, your SMTP server is usually dependent on who is providing the Mail service (Gmail, your ISP etc) so Optus really can't do much there (unless they are your ISP).
  15. Locky28
    Yep, put in several complaints already ... but they don't care.

    As for SMTP server, Optus is one of those providers who won't allow 3rd party outgoing mail servers ... have to use theirs. Thing is, they provide me with the incorrect outgoing server for Optus as well as incorrect authentication info.
    Figured it out myself eventually - well, with the help of online forums - but someone not too tech savvy would likely go postal :)
  16. The carpark at the valley train station as an early bird option for $10 a day. Not sure of the details, but I can check it out if you want ( it's only down the road from my work ).
  17. Thanks spooninatar, but my work validates parking, so it only costs $8 per day. However, it's still twice what I used to pay for the bike without validating ... and then there's that darn principle of the matter as well :)
    Local coffee shop is going broke as I make my own in the office now ... it's a hard life ... sigh :)

    It's really the being ripped off and not being considered at all that's getting to me. Wouldn't be too hard to have some sort of compromise. They've got an office in the building, so if I rock up in all my gear, they could give me a $4 ticket each day?! Spot checks would make sure nobody abuses the system ... they have to go over to the carpark every now and then anyway.

    But I know they don't care and nothing will change. Just have to suck it up and keep making my own coffee ... there's the extra $4 per day. Some other business looses out because of their greed.
  18. Thanks for the links Bluplet