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[QLD] Trivia Nights, Mon Jun 18th

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Daniel Wiskar

    Ok peeps, I'm going to get an event going for all of us who want to catch up but dont want to travel to milton for it. There is a trivia night held weekly at Harrigan's Irish pub. Its new at the Calypso Bay development just near Jacob's Well.


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  2. sounds good but working afternoon shift monday 18, next time if there's interest.
  3. sorry can't make it this time round. maybe next time i can.....
  4. so close and yet so far... If i had transport i would be there..
  5. ooops...that's tonight isn't it :oops:

    Sorry Daniel...for future reference. Do you have to do the trivia thingy or can you just eat and drink?

    Mind you...Jacobs well is a helluva cab fare from my place :shock:
  6. trivia nights

    Hi everybody,

    well i'm sorry but it did work out ok... I had my appendix taken out and i was in no state to hit the pub...

    but im there hopefully this monday, depending when i get back from Brisbane. But i'm usually there. Its worth the travel... you dont have to do the trivia, but its a good night to catch up and have a good meal and a few drinks... warde there's also a night over at dublin docks (harbour town) on tuesday nights its a bit closer.

    They are good nights and every bit of knowledge helps..but they are ment to be social nights so if it comes to it we can always just skip the trivia, sit round and have a yarn.

    (p.s.- would anyone (possibly ward_4e) find it easier to get to Harbour town? I chose Jacobs well coz it between the coast and brisbane... let me know)...

    (p.p.s- side note...anyone in brisbane want to chapperone me on monday...?)
  7. Re: trivia nights

    well, depends on what i end up doing....but there's a possibility i could make it if there are a few others wanting to come to.....