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[QLD] Triumph Daytona 600 Hotel Grand Chancellor Spring Hill

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by mjc, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Nicked from ground level car park in full view of street.

  2. More information would be better mate.

    But hope you find it or it gets found by the authorities :)
  3. I know you've been on Netrider for a long time, but not posted much, but even so, surely you could have read the sticky for this forum;

    Stolen Bike Register List the details of your stolen motorcycle here. Please include as much detail as possible. eg, make, model, colour, capacity, vin/engine number and a photo or 3. The more detail you post the better chance of it being recovered.

  4. sorry, was my 3rd shot at trying to make a post ( from my iPhone sitting in a waiting room ) - its a '03 triumph daytona 600cc, red. photos as per google & the vin i dont have on my at this second. im not expecting much chance of getting it back, but i guess thats what insurance is for..
  5. Good luck matie - glad to see you have insurance.
  6. s'okay, posting from mobile devices is a bit of a black art anwyay :)

    Good to see you had your bases covered with insurance (y)...
  7. Good thing you had insurance. Guess the Brisbane thieves are still after the Triumphs then...
  8. Was just thinking the same.