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[QLD] Toll road E-tags on a bike ? (moved from general because some people are too lazy, like we don

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by VladTepes, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. I will likely be using toll ways enough to make it necessary to have one.
    I presume they are the same as the car ones and that some sort of special waterproof housing is required?

    Any and all relevant advice welcome.
  2. Re: Toll road E-tags on a bike ?

    in NSW don't need to carry a tag on the bike (in fact RTA recommend not to have tag on bike) just ensure your bike plates are linked to your tag online. All bikes are photographed going through the gates and tag account debited. Works when riding interstate, so presume you can set it up like this in QLD.
  3. Re: Toll road E-tags on a bike ?

    ^^^ +1
    RTA told me not to carry the tag, just link it to the plates on the bike
  4. Re: Toll road E-tags on a bike ?


    Makes sense not o have it on the biek as it would be easily nicked.

    I have a feeling that here in QLD they charge a "video matching fee" if they don't detect a chirper, even if you are registered andhave one.

    Tightarse ****ers.
  5. Re: Toll road E-tags on a bike ?

    Just found this on the website
    good news.
  6. Re: Toll road E-tags on a bike ?

    Yeah, I have a Go Via account for the bike and no tag and it works out fine.
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  7. As a bonus, I find that on the toll roads I use (Go Between Bridge and Clem 7) the cameras rarely pick up my numberplate.
    I only get charged for around 1/3 of my trips - and I'm not doing anything to obscure my numberplate.
    Your mileage may vary.
  8. Re: Toll road E-tags on a bike ?

    and some etag companies are charging a licence plate matching fee for those that don't carry a tag on the bike, so be careful what advise you are giving....

    Licence Plate Number Matching Fees

    A growing number of E-way customers choose to pay their toll using a licence plate number (LPN) in place of a tag.

    To recover administrative costs incurred by the M5 South West Motorway, a Licence Plate Matching Fee or Toll Notice Fee apply from 10 October 2011:

    Q. What is the Licence Plate Number Matching Fee for?

    A. The $0.45 LPN Matching Fee only applies if you use the M5 South West Motorway:

    • With an invalid tag account (ie, your account has insufficient funds at the time of travel); or
    • You do not have your tag correctly installed at the time of travel; or
    • You travel without a tag in your vehicle.
    Q. What is the LPN Matching Toll Notice Fee for?

    A. A Toll Notice Fee applies to customers that receive an M5 South West Motorway Toll Notice.

    • The $1.10 fee applies for each toll notice received by the customer.
    • This fee recovers the administrative costs of issuing a Toll Notice. (Note the LPN matching fee is not applied if the Toll Notice fee is charged)

    These fees will be refunded if your tag is not working and you have taken reasonable steps to replace it.

    Q. Why are these extra fees being applied?
    A. The charges recover the administrative costs of matching an LPN to your E-way account, or the costs to issue a Toll Notice.

    • The costs involved with the LPN Matching Fee include reviewing an image reading of the licence plate number details. The fee recovers some of the additional costs associated with processing these journeys.
    • The Toll Notice fee recovers the processing costs of issuing a Toll Notice.

    Q. How can I avoid these fees?

    A. These fees can be avoided by:

    • Ensuring you travel at all times with a correctly installed, functioning tag in your vehicle;
    • Ensuring you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the cost of your tolls; and
    • (To avoid the $1.10 Toll Notice Fee) - Ensuring your licence plate number(s) is registered on your E-way account.

    Q. I am using a motorcycle, will I be charged the fee?

    A. Yes, though these fees can be avoided by travelling at all times with a correctly installed tag (arm band or motorcycle pouch) and enough funds in your account to pay the toll. E-way is the only tag provider which offers motorcycle riders the E-way Toll Rider, a product which allows an E-way tag to be attached directly onto a motorcycle or worn in a pouch as an armband.

  9. The MCCNSW was fighting the M5 LPN Matching, thought they said that it was for the M5's tags customers only atm.

    I went through it last week will see if I get a ticket.

    One thing I have noticed is that the M5 has not been very good at doing LNP matching based on when I have been billed. You get cashback anyway so I figured that they CBF.
  10. M2 not good at matching LPN either, got a bill for the truck a few days ago.

    The fee at the moment, may well be that it is for M5 customers only, but it won't take long till others see it as a way of further revenue....
  11. Re: Toll road E-tags on a bike ?

    Same here.
  12. Not your fault if you just happen to only be using one wheel when passing the cameras... ;-)
  13. +1 GoVia account with no tag.
    May have to call Flowtoll if they send bill as they may not know a plate is associated with a GoVia account. They removed the admin and video matching fees from mine over the phone the first time and since then have had no problems.