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[QLD] Ticket on Hale Street Bypass

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Huthy, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Well, I travel the road everyday, I know they are ALWAYS there, but thanks to "Mario" in his WRX today, I was more worried about my well being than whether they were there today, and got done.

    The story goes like this.... I needed to get to the Milton Road exit and "Mario" was playing the "speed up, slow down, don't let the bike get across cause I am a jerk" game. Well finally I went F&%K YOU, took him and the car in front, and changed lane. MY BAD... No question... I broke the speed limit. Saw the police, grabbed a handful of brake... gun still read 88 km/h in a 60 zone... no happy Jan.

    However... this is NOT a sob story. As I say, I broke the law.. so be it.

    The Copper was not too bad, showed me the reading, actually asked the age old "do you have a reason" question, and I calmly explained the WRX situation, explained my options and told him that I believed my "safest" option was that I had to accelerate to make the lane change. He seemed to take it on board, but hey... even when I am typing it I know it sounds lame.

    So while I sat there thinking , hell 28 kms over... 4 points and LOTS of dollars, looking at their white "Starship Enterprise" looking Police Bikes, he went off and filled out the ticket. He came back and told me that he had taken 10 km/h of the speed, due to my situation, and consequently at 78km/h (18 kms over), it put me back in the $150 and 3 point bracket.

    He didn't have to do it, he had me cold... but as far as feeling OK about a shitty situation, I appreciated it.

  2. Nothing lame about your reasoning - quite a number of people I know have had speeding fines withdrawn because they genuinely HAD to go over the posted limit to preserve life.

    The thing to think about here - was there an option to slow right down and drop in behind him, or even behind the car behind him?

    I know the road well, being a fellow Brisbanite - yes, people on that road are complete and utter tools for the most part, so I can empathise with you on this one. It might be possible to fight the ticket on the basis of the situation, but you might then find yourself fighting the original 88km/h reading, and that would be even harder to argue.

    Good to see some officers still using discretion though.
  3. At least a reasonable outcome from a messy situation, but I have to ask, could you not have grabbed a handlful of brake while he was speeding up and have slotted in behind him? Not being wise after the event, just thinking out-loud.....
  4. Agreed guys, I could have tried to fall behind, but this guy was being a tool. I would have had to have dropped behind the car behind him. In doing so, I just don't get the level of confidence that the cars behind me will have seen, or understand, why I am doing that, again why I took the "wrist full of throttle", as opposed to a "handful of brake" approach. Frankly, I didn't want to be directly in front, or behind him. One of those things I guess, you try and assess your options as quickly as you can and put something into action.

    Hindsight is 20/20 (as they say), but in situations like this, I like to get as clear of it, as quickly, as I can. Just chose the wrong spot to do it...

    I will pay the fine, as you say, I don't want to end up fighting the 88km/h. The thing that shits me the most, is the WRX driver drove straight past as I was pulling over... and I am sure he thinks he had a "win".
  5. Yeah, wrong place, wrong time - being a long weekend and all.

    Just think, you could have taken the next exit and found a twisty back road to backtrack on. :LOL:
  6. sorry to hear mate
    17SJS, the road after the milton exit is the one that goes directly into the city. It would've taken Huthy atleast another 10-15 minutes to backtrack but the downside is that there are no twisty b-roads, just damn boring straight roads with plenty of traffic

    i always go down the hale street bypass, but i have never encountered a cop before... lucky me i guess, because there are plenty of knobs out there on that piece of road
  7. They are there pretty often, so keep you eyes open.

    I have actually decided that the majority of Brisbane drivers are useless. I have lived here all my life, but these days it seems that courtesy has gone the way of the arse.
  8. thanks mate.. i do try my best
    after your post, my commute to uni today was a bit slower. cars were barrelling past me at 80 while i stuck to the 60 speed limit

    i guess we are sort of luckier than nsw or vic where the drivers are pretty useless... brissie drivers are gettin there though!