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[QLD] The Queensland lane filtering provisions?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Lobsta, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. MOD: made it a sticky as it is very informative.
    Well done.

    Addressing lane filtering in QLD, as have seen it in the forum that it is legal in qld. I addressed each of the usually mentioned tickets that cops will give for filtering, as there is no explicit "filtering" offence. To make it clear, i refer to filtering as moving up past stationary traffic at lights as to avoid being rear ended. not gonna try to do the 'slow moving traffic, too much grey area.

    Taken from:

    Overtaking to the left

    So, in theory, if the vehicles are stopped, there is room for my bike to safely fit to their left, and i dont do it at an excessive speed while on my back wheel and giving the finger to a priest, i would be able to lane filter to the far left of traffic.

    overtaking in the same lane

    it does not say anything about being required to be in a different marked lane, just that it must be safe to do so, so once again, stationary vehicle, low speed, not taking the lords name in vain, filtering should be fine?

    On the "failure to indicate" tickets

    (the right stuff is the same)
    this one is a little trickier, as it is written for cars, not bikes, and cars dont have much movement within lanes to indicate for. the closest i could think of is the 'moving from stationary' bit, or, take it back a step, and look at it from the perspective that the purpose of indicating is to give those around you notice of your intended movements. and you cant get booked for indicating where it is not required, so i would say that indicating before moving to filter is a yes.

    if anybody can find/knows where in the rules i am wrong (especially on that not changing lanes to overtake, i dont like using the lack of a negative to mean a positive), please post. in the light of this, i am thinking of giving the local traffic branch a call (on the advice of a copper that i served at work who i asked about it:
    I think that half the time when people are being pulled over for filtering, and let off, its not coz the cop is a good/bad bloke or whatever, its coz they dont know either, but feel that perhaps what you did was bordering on unsafe...

    wow, long post.... hmm, maybe if this all turns out to be true, i might earn my first sticky :LOL: :cool:

  2. in fact i did, i read them all from start to finish, and many of them alluded to the fact that the practice of filtering was legal in QLD, but never quoted exact laws, etc. so i was going out and finding out myself
  3. I might just have to print these out and show the local plod if I get pulled over, I filter from time to time in non moving traffic, they are cracking down on motorbikes in bike lanes (which I agree with)
    But they seem to be on a lane splitting/filtering blitz up here at the moment as well.
    It would be interesting to see the reaction if you present them with a little knowledge of the traffic act.
  4. Cops will still **** you for Spltting

    i think its 1 point 100 bucks in qld
  5. I don't see how splitting can not still fit within those laws. The only bikes I've seen getting pulled over have been riding on the shoulder/emergency lane outside an unbroken line.
  6. You will still be booked for it, depends on the cop.. they all seem to interpret the laws in their own way.

    Had a guy the other day who said if you use the left hand side shoulder, you will get fined and no points.. but if you go in between cars you will get a fine and points (the cop who booked him the day before told him that)
    And that differs to what you posted..

    Luck of the draw.
  7. How come I see people on Netrider saying definitively that QLD is the one place where filtering is *not* legal? (Apart from the obvious talking out of orifices other than their mouths... ;))

    I guess the message is to do it with care, if you do it, and keep a nostril peeled for the scent of bacon...
  8. Not to rain on the parade, but the police would still have the ability to pull you up on subjective grounds for both filtering and splitting:

    Section 144
    Queensland Road Rules

    "Failing to keep a safe distance from a vehicle when overtaking
    the vehicle"

    2 demerit points and $105.


    144 Keeping a safe distance when overtaking
    A driver overtaking a vehicle—
    (a) must pass the vehicle at a sufficient distance to avoid a
    collision with the vehicle
    or obstructing the path of the
    vehicle; and
    (b) must not return to the marked lane or line of traffic
    where the vehicle is travelling until the driver is a
    sufficient distance past the vehicle to avoid a collision
    with the vehicle or obstructing the path of the vehicle.
    Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.

  9. Yeah, I guess so. That's kind a subjective one, eh? Empirically, the test of whether you passed at a sufficient distance to avoid collision is the fact that you avoided collision!
  10. It's purely subjective, yes, though it's more about the risk of collision (key words: 'safe distance') than whether or not one actually takes place.

    To use your 'empirical test' definition, a rider performing a double backflip over a pool filled with sharks with laserbeams on their heads at the X-Games would be completely safe and risk-free, if the rider pulled it off. :-k
  11. Also make sure that you don't breach the following section:

    Note there is no mention of overtaking stationary vehicles. Section (1)(e) is the moot point as there is no definitive test for "slow moving vehicle" and it may come down to a Police Officer deciding you were going too quick for the circumstances.
  12. Yeah, the cops who pulled me over and gave me a warning were doing it under that section, because I was heading up the left of the road in a single lane section that was backed up for miles due to road works. So if there are a couple of lanes heading your way you're probably (arguably) safer legally speaking up the middle than on the left.