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QLD - the lucky state

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    I am here to say one thing. QLD riders are the luckiest of all. Great roads and GREAT weather.

    Ride on QLD crew and do us proud.
  2. AMEN!!

    The roads and the weather rock up here - motorcycling paradise.
  3. Hey Dan,

    I am definately envious. I am planning on being up in your kneck of the woods some time over next couple of months, riding up.... Would definately love to be shown around some of the cooler roads.....
  4. I'll take any excuse to get out there... :D
  5. QLD MIGHT BE MOTORCYCLING PARADISE (ALTHO PERSONALLY I HATE RIDING IN 35 DEGREE, woops, weather with 90% humidity), but you see far more bikes on the road in Melbourne than you do the Cold Toast or Brisbane. I wonder why that is?
  6. because melbourne has more bikes.
  7. Mmmm, yeah....but i dont get it. Why arent there more bikes in QLD? (from my experience i doubt QLD/brisbane would come close to motorcycle ownership per capita compared to melbourne)
  8. And thus proving we're smarter than you QLDers ;)
  9. Hehehe.....nice one tenoq :p
  10. And bikes are more expensive in QLD too :) which is odd cause generally cars are cheaper :?:
  11. Riding in TROPICAL WEATHER is a real turnoff. Sweat, heat...

    Melbourne is the best. Nothing beats sunny 23 degrees :D

    Although Tassie is better, if only the jobs were there... :LOL:
  12. The reason for fewer bikes in QLD is the same reason for fewer of all other sorts of fun; it's a police state and the aggro for motorcyclists from the gestapo more than cancels out the fun of riding.
  13. Are you kidding? It was only a few years ago that you could scoot past a copper on the freeway at 130 and he wouldnt blink an eye. There are many places you can go silly in QLD without any fear of police tearing you a new one.
  14. Yeah the cops are not as full on as Melbourne cops. Maybe they're solving crimes or something...

    Summer up here is a bit much (as it can be in melb) we don't get too many 35 degree days, but constant heat is a prick to ride in. Not quite tropical where i am, about 50 kms from the NSW border. I do miss those crisp melbourne summer days where you could be comfortable in full gear. Winter up here is great though, 25 most days, barely a drop of rain... I'd love to do half a year in each state.
  15. I have to agree. I lived in Qld for 3 years and rode there throughout that time and it's not so much the heat that's the problem, it's the stupidity, whoops, sorry, humidity.

    You have to wear protective gear cos the roads are just as abrasive, but you DIE in it during the Summer and the early part of Winter, late part of Spring.

    In Ipswich, where I wqs unfortunate enough to have to reside for that period, it was still 30+ degrees in July!!

    I think you guys should all split the difference and move to a city where the weather is beautiful nearly all year round, the roads are great and you'd have the pleasure of my company.

  16. NT is the luckiest riders in this country great weather all year round, even when its raining and still no speed limits on its open roads, you wanna ride and ride fast visit the NT, but watch the 50-80 metre long trucks there murder at 280+
  17. Yeh, but surely, it is even hotter and more humid there than it is in Qld??
    I've seen the photos of the NT protective riding gear, stubbies, blue singlet and thongs!!!
    Having said that, I'd like to ride there, just like I'd like to ride lots of other places in Australia.
    Just don't think I'd like to live there.
  18. pissing down rain still great riding, hot days, sunshine, moonlit nights, thongs t-shirt,stubbies what a way to ride all it needs is a no helmet law and it would be perfect
  19. Pardon me for seeming obtuse here, but if the speed limits are more lax so you can ride faster, and the riding gear is less protective, are the roads softer???
  20. don't know never fallen off, but i rode when helmets wernt law and would love to do it again without copin fines