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[QLD] Team Moto Springwood

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by 3lud13, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Hoping this is right section for this I apologise if it's not.
    I'm wondering if anyone had bought a bike from them and been disappointed with the way you been treated or maybe you got treated well.
    Curious because having recently bought my first bike (2015 hyosung gv650 classic) there customer service left me greatly disappointed and not able to recommend them to anyone.
    Not knowing about bikes and what's right and wrong I relied on them to supply me with a well maintained bike.
    I questioned them about fluid level in front brakes as it seemed low to me they said it was fine.
    Headlight lights more of the front tire than road told ur can't be adjusted.
    Told bike doesn't come with tools.
    No log book received as apparently out of print.

    I eventually got my tools and manual on about my 6th return visit to complain, still no log book.

    Have just taken bike to a different dealership for it's first service and they said brake fluid is extremely low and they will adjust the headlight for me, also log books being out of print is rubbish as they have same model obj floor with a log book.
    Not only is this my first brand new vehicle it's also my first ever bike only riding I have done is 8 hours on a Honda cb125 for my a Qride and the now 1200km I have poor on my bike so I really was relying on them being competent and have been left very disappointed.
  2. As a moderator I am concerned when a new member starts with a critical review of a business. That is not to say that your grievances aren't warranted but you don't have much of a history on the forum. As you say I would like to hear of others experiences with this business.

    You are riding this bike to Melbourne I guess from QLD?
  3. Sounds pretty dodgie to me. Don't let it get u down. Never go back there and ride like the wind mate.
  4. Cjfvr. I realise that yes I am a new member and not very experienced with bikes the reason I posted it though is,
    As an new inexperienced person to bikes I was relying on the dealership to supply me with an bike that was mechanically sound and all information I required and I feel that I didn't receive that.
    Other people's experience after buying a bike from them maybe it was a one of maybe it's an ongoing problem boo way of knowing without further information.

    Yes I am riding the bike to melbourne currently in Gosford and bike is being serviced in the morning the dealership here was surprised at my concerns and say they were warranted. They are going to adjust my headlight recheck and fill brake fluid and considering they have the same model on floor with a log book they were amazed that I was told they are out of print and not available.

    Even if I was starting in Brisbane with the bike I would be finding somewhere else to take my bike for servicing as my opinion is they are not competent to the standard of service I would have liked. Yes I know done of you well say that's a large claim for an inexperienced new rider to make but that's my personal opinion from what I have experienced.
  5. It sounds like they did not do a adequate job and that you have legitimate concerns that are supported by the Gosford mechanics. I am not belittling you or your experience just mindful that a companies reputation can be easily trashed and it is their livelihood.

    I would still like to hear from others to know if this is the general behaviour of this company or if you just struck some bad employees.
  6. I agree I would also like to hear from others and find out there experienced.
    It wasn't posted to try and ruin there reputation our anything like that initially I wasn't going to post anything about it and just put it down to abit if bad luck but after dropping my bike off to another dealership today for service and after what I was informed of there I thought I might mention something and hence the post.
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  7. Not springwood (who I've heard are usually pretty good), but I'd had a few negative experiences with Team Moto Mooroka's service department leaving me wary of the franchise in general.
  8. I have had a sequence of poor experiences with Team Moto, particularly their Finance and Insurance Dept. Im happy to detail those if people would like but I am aware this an older thread.
  9. I have only bought tyres from them , in Blacktown, and found them a good mob to deal with.
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  10. I've been into the Springwood store more than a few times and have always wondered how they're still in business given the attitude I'm greeted with.

    Unrelated Example (not Teammoto): A sales guy just yesterday explaining to me with a straight face that the new range of Bonnies is a total fake.....there's no better time to buy a Bonnie than right now. Ask about the new 800cc range of triples.......he just laughed and condescendingly says I shouldn't believe everything I read.
  11. I've only ever really dealt with the Moorooka franchise and have found them helpful in all dealings. When buying my bike the sales person (who is no longer there unfortunately) organised 4 different bikes sourcing them from other stores to give me a chance to test each bike back to back. Definitely won my business from there on in.
  12. I used to support Team Moto, talked up their service departement (Virgina anyway) and gave them a good wrap. I have only bought new bikes from them, enough now that I am well known in the place. There is only a few salesman I would deal with.

    BUT, I have had an ongoing issue with my Triumph Explorer (tiger 1200). I had a new head, new cam chain tensioner and loads of other work to fix a known tappet issue and they just could not fix it. Mind you, I took it too another Triumph dealer who acknowledged it was not right but when I got authority from Triumph to get them to look at it they called me the next day and said there is nothing wrong with it. So finally, I got this shits with trying to get it repaired under warranty and I went to a decent mechanic. He rang me halfway through doing the major service to ask me if I was kidding him about getting work/services done on the bike. All team moto did was drop the oil and change the filter and they couldn't fix the tappet noise. 30000km in the bike is finally fixed and its the best its been since I owned it. The mechanic changed the oil in the shaft drive, and it was not oil, but a sloppy mess of shit mixed with water, I dodged a bullet there.

    So, team moto, good for new bike sales, good for gear (they match any internet price for me) but stear clear of their service department. Given the woes with the service department, I would think twice about buying a used bike from them also.
  13. First time poster, long time lurker. I just want to echo this sentiment here, I've purchased a bike from TeamMoto (used) that just assures that they don't genuinely check the bikes. Purchased a LAMS bike from them and the list of faults I've found so far are:

    1. Speedometer and Tachometer don't work which means the roadworthy was fudged. TeamMoto told me "Just tap on the dials and it should start working" - I feel this doesn't translate to a roadworthy standard.
    2. Throttle is completely stuck, there is no "snap" back when taking your hand off, this is pretty dangerous for a learner rider and I'm sure not roadworthy.
    3. They sold it to me with zero coolant what so ever and the coolant tank was hanging by a thread (old cable tie) to the frame, no bolts.

    This leads me to believe that TeamMoto service departments just sign off roadworthy's without checking the bikes, but I'm sure it's like anything, there are good and bad franchises. I would just think twice about buying from them.
  14. I just recently purchased a street triple from team moto at Springwood, I had a good experience their no issues. Anthony and Bernie 2 of the salesmen there always say hello when I've returned to purchase parts & Chris and Michael I think in parts are very helpful as well. I havn't had much to do with the servicing side yet as I havnt had the first service done yet. As for the Moorooka store I purchased my previous bike from there second hand lams bike I ended up getting after looking at there 390 duke and ninjas. Mark the salesmen went and got the bike from there Bowen Hills store and had it at Moorooka for me to inspect. So not sure if you just got them on a bad day but Ive had good experiences there.
  15. Lots of name-dropping in that post.
    A common 'relationship' sales tactic.

    And 5 posts? Hmmmmm.
    Don't think I believe you.
  16. So because I have 5 posts I'm not allowed to have a say on the place that I purchased my bike from? Also I have been a member for nearly 3 months and a long timer reader before I joined, I nor any family member are not connected with Team Moto in anyway. If I had a good experience there why would I not return to offer them my business when I purchased my new bike. But just for your sake I will add to my previous post that I did go to my local Triumph dealer which is not owned by team moto and is 15mins away to be stuffed around for over a few days I then travelled further away to the next Triumph dealer which was Springwood to which we were able to have everything sorted that afternoon and bike was delivered the week after.
  17. Brother in-law has the shits with this place too, poor service / after-sales, etc...

    I went in their once to look at gear, a girl came helped me ok (but all girls do), but their range of gear was poor - even for Brissy standards, which is poor!
  18. Also for the bitSar's sake maybe the OP should say which actual Team moto Springwood store he visted as there is more then one.