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[QLD] Suspension - what happens to the points?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bravus, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. (sorry if it's been asked and answered - I did check the stickies and try a search)

    So, I'm on 10 points at the moment, due to a number of minor incidents for which, if I'm honest, I have to take responsibility for at least 90%. I'm trying really hard to be Captain Law Abiding, but given that it's still the best part of 2 years before the first point clears, and that I commute on a Bandit...

    So, assuming I do get a 3 month suspension. Once it's over, am I back to 0 points? Or still on 12? Or some combination? How does it all work?

    (I know there might be insurance costs and consequences, but since insurance is pretty cheap for me I can live with that, though I'm still trying hard to avoid it.)
  2. IN the more civilised parts of the country you usually revert back to zero after a suspension.

    Qld I don't know - they're different up there. :p
  3. think fully before electing to take the 3 month suspension. consider the 1 year good behavior bond. a suspension is friggin inconvenient, and it will allow your insurance company to lube up. i know from personal experience... I default to the highest excess (which isnt a biggie as i am a 19yo male, so no difference i dont think), and many insurers wont touch me (read: most insurers). the only insurer that i can find that wants to talk to me is Suncorp. AAMI, IMR, and every other one i checked didnt want anything to do with me coz i have had a recent suspension.

  4. Hopefully I'll manage to avoid both, but I'd be more worried about the full year, just because it only takes a second to get a 3 pointer and have to do the 6 months...

    I'd be in a slightly different situation from you, already having a fair bit of history with my insurance company. And when the GSXF was sick for 3 months before I was on public transport anyway, so it'd be annoying but probably doable, though my commitments out at Ipswich might be a pain.

    Moral of the story is to be super-careful for the next couple of years until some numbers get cleared away, I guess. Dammit.