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QLD Sunshine M/way Upgrade - Barriers, have your say.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Chief, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. I was at the Maroochydore Plaza today and there was a display discussing and calling for submissions on the proposed upgrade of the Sunshine Motorway. I thought to myself, "I bet that they intend to use wire rope barriers within the upgrade". Sure enough they are.

    I know that they have been banned in Norway and other parts of Europe so I completed a Feedback Form raising my concern about the safety of these types of barriers for motorcyclists. Now I know that there is a fair bit of discussion that rages regarding these barriers so I decided to do some research of my own as to why they are so unpopular.

    Contrary to my first thoughts, they are not "cheese cutters" due to the wire, the real danger lies in the number of posts used to support the wire. It is these posts, which exist in greater numbers than any other type of barrier, that pose the great danger to motorcyclists.

    I am not against development, I am not against improving safety, especially by keeping any type of vehicle travelling in opposite directions apart from each other. What I think is needed is for all motorcyclists, especially those in Queensland (where there is there is a higher per capita number of motorcycles of ALL states except WA) to get vocal and insist that road designers, planners and governments take into account the needs of all road users, especially the particularly vulnerable motorcycle rider.

    I don't know if wire rope barriers are the answer. I understand that they are effective for cars but not so for motorcycles and they are no doubt cheaper than other forms of barrier.

    As motorcyclists we must, repeat must, insist upon a barrier that works for all types of vehicles cars, trucks and bikes. Too hard they say, then they haven't thought or researched hard enough. This isn't and shouldn't be about economics and the pragmatic pandering to the majority and not worrying about the minority, it's about safety.

    The barrier proponents expouse improving safety as the justification for adding such features to road development. I can hardly see how this improves safety if it increases for one group of road users and decreases for another. If a barrier is not safe for all the road users then it is an admission by the road designers planners and governments that cyclists are expendable.

    I don't think I'm expendable. Do you think your expendable?

    Have your say, and have it now, they are calling for submissions.

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    Send an email or go to www.mainroads.qld.gov.au -> Projects>Road>South East Queensland>North Coast Hinterland>Sunshine Motorway Upgrade, Maroochydor Road to Pacific Paradise. Here's the url,

  2. I'm up in Noosa at the moment, and have noticed that WRBs round here seem to have a much greater pole-to-wire ratio than the ones used in Vic.

    Thankfully there don't seem to be too many WRBs used in this area, but obviously that seems set to change.

    Nasty buggers, all of 'em. :evil: