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[QLD] Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Sun May 17th

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Muttly

    So it's time to get serious and organise some rides now that the weather has cooled down a bit (I know, I'm a wuss).

    I thought we might start off with a short one but start it later so that anyone wanting to make it part of a larger ride can do so. ...

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  2. I hope we can get some of the old gang back together and meet some new members as well.

    Ride Guide can be found at:

    Watch this post for an update on who's coming :grin:

    So Far:

    Khlarton +1
    Muttly +1
    theBigD +1
  3. Sounds good.
  4. i can park my car and watch you all ride past me ... ( with deep envy lol)

  5. Hey Sooty,

    Hope you can make it.

    I can't believe an '88 GPX with only 36K on it. I had an '85 and had 260k on it when it threw a main bearing at age 15. Amazing engine in those things.
  6. You'll believe it when you see the rust :D
  7. hey muttly. that was quick!!! sounds like a good ride to start the season off again :) i'll do some groundwork at home i.e. looking after kids extra, to get the time off to come :)

    hopin to see a few of the old gang around as well. put the word out to BigD. enough notice, he should be along :)
  8. It'd be great if you could make it Balmy...haven't seen you in ages.
  9. Hey guys,

    looks like I should be able to make this ride. Nice idea with the start time and distance Greg. Don't know that I'd be up to 400k ride, as it's been a while since I've been out. The viffer just had her 12k service, so she is all ready to go :cool:

    And yes, hope to see some of the guys we used to ride with make an appearance, as well as some new faces :grin:
  10. I was thinking some of us could start from this side of town and go to Dayboro via Mt Nebo/Mt Glorious.

    I've had a couple of people email/PM me saying they're coming, so I'll start a list in the first post. :grin:

  11. Hey Guys,

    It just so happened that I popped into here for the first time in a long time and what do I see, everyone getting ready for a ride!

    Excellent, I will do my very best to get in on this, it's been too long.

    I have just put my second set of tyres on the CBR, it's now done just over 20000km. I ride mine at least 3 or 4 times a week (to work) don't often get to go on fun rides though.

    Hopefully I can make this one.
  12. Righty! Hows that Blade going now? 20 thoulsand k's hey. must be alot of fun on them :) Hope to see you come along for the ride mate. Its been a while for all of us.
  13. Hey Righty,

    Great to see you again. I was hoping some of the old gang would see the ride post. It has been a long time but, better late then never. :dance:
  14. :shock: Hey mate, good to see you on. It's definitely been a while since we have all ridden together. Hope you can make it along for this one.
  15. Hope to join in if this goes ahead
  16. Hey Avon,

    It'll definitely go ahead even if it's just you and me :LOL: (as long as it's not torrential rain :evil: ).

    Between 5 and 15 riders is a good number so we're well on our way. It'll be good to meet you.

  17. what size bikes are going on this ride?
  18. Would love to join in!

    Hopefully this wonderful weather keeps. Looks like another great weekend (if a little warm).
  19. I'm on the 650 ,

    this weekend is looking a cracker, am hoping to put a few k on to get that first service up - agree if its wet though. So far the missus hasnt veetoed it,

    hey Muttly, I will pm mobie few days prior to Forumbot or yourself if all looks a goer

    Just noticed what you are riding, will have to make sure i know the break stops
  20. I'm there mate.

    Already there is interest from 250cc right through to 1300cc. As the original post suggests, it will be a sight seeing type ride and we will be taking it easy. What are you riding :?:

    Yes, bring on the VFR's, hope you can make it mate :cool: