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[QLD] Sunday Ride - 10/6/2012

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by DaveAust, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I'll be heading out Sunday morning with a mate for a ride & lunch. At this stage we're leaving around 9am from morningside caltex and doing the loop:
    Petrie > dayboro > mt mee > woodford > stanmore > peachester > beerwah > old highway > redcliffe > lunch. Lunch destination is undecided at this stage, but most likely fish and chips. Can also join up with others along the way before petrie.

    We'll be riding pretty casually so newbies shouldn't have issues keeping up (I've only been riding 3~ months, 6000km though). If you're interested post up/pm me and where you'd be meeting.

  2. I'd be keen to join in, but I missed the annual Oxley Highway / Gingers Creek run last year, on the 9th & 10 June - not going to miss it again. I'll be about Ballina somewhere when you folks are meeting up.
  3. I'll be in Macksville all weekend. Ugh.
    Have fun.
  4. If the weather is decent and I dont have any club functions on I'll come along.

  5. 6000kms in 3 months? Thats loads! Anyway, im interested, ill ask some mates if they are too an let you know tomorrow.
  6. possibly will be out that way with a mate or two tomorrow but not liking the look of the weather at this rate.
  7. Yeah, its not looking good. It did blow out to sea today so hopefully it'll stay there.

    Geckom: ill post up in the morning if were cancelling. Might just shorten it and keep an eye on the forecast