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[QLD] Sunday 28th Feb, Gold Coast Hinterland Ride

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by Dan76, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Linked from the Calendar.....

    Lets say goodbye to Summer with a ride through some of the best Twisty and Open roads in SEQ.

    The route is yet to be decided but expect approx 200kms of fun.

    Meet point will be BP Yatala at 7.30am for 8.00am departure.

    Those attending please PM me your name, bike type, mobile number and emergency contact person, their relationship to you (+ phone number).

    Format for the ride will be as per the recent Kilcoy ride, with TEC and corner markers. For those unfamiliar it will be explained on the day.

    Many of you will be familiar with the roads we will be travelling, for those that haven't been out the back of the coast, you won't want to miss this one.

    A volunteer for TEC would be great. :)

    This ride will cater for young and old, experienced or beginner. It does have heaps of cornering so best for confident riders.

    Ride Route

    Look forward to seeing you all on the day!!



    MyGSXey & Doug
    Mr Scotto
    Mr Luke

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  3. Good stuff Geeth, thanks for volunteering as TEC for part of it.

    Beechmont is a great bit of road, as long as everyone rides at their own pace it will be fine.

    I've been having a play on googlemaps this morning too, here is my ideal run.

    Click here

    I might take my 250cc scooter out there for a run on Sunday while the Striple is being tinkered with.

  4. Nice route.
    Looks like you have included the goat track which will be fun. I wanna go down there again and see how fast I can get the bike on one of the straights ^_^
  5. How fast you go may depend on if you have the wife on the back, digging you in the ribs!! :rofl:
  6. :rofl:
    Good point. She can stay at home lol
  7. Hey Dan

    Count me in and i don't mind doing the TEC for this one as you know.

    My PM is on it way.

    See you Sun morning for the recon run :)
  8. I'll be there too. Want to get out and explore down south a bit more so should be good. I'd probably be up for a go on the "Recon Run" too depending on timing of other things.
  9. Have started a list of attendees, Scott and Geeth please tell me the relationship to you of emergency contacts, forgot to put that in initial OP, my bad.

    Initial reccy run will be this Sunday leaving 5.30am BP Yatala. Anyone welcome to join in, just don't be late! Has to be early due to other commitments on the day. Another reccy run will be done closer to the date to finalise rest stops, timing, etc.
  10. My emergency contact is my fiancee.
  11. Thanks Scott.

    Thanks for your PM too Geeth. Will note down your brothers wifes uncles second cousin :p
  12. Hey guys I will DEFFINATELY be up for that run....
    At this stage I am a maybe for the reccy run, would love to but may have to work, not sure yet...
    The run on the 28th will be my birthday ride lol... Can't wait....
    Any way as I have kell's email I will let her no either Friday or Saturday if I can make the reccy run...

    I will pm u my details in the next day or so dan for the 28th
  13. Good stuff Shaneo, I will add you to the list as soon as I get your info mate ;)
  14. Put me down as a maybe for the 28th, not sure if i will be in newcastle visiting my old man, out bush on exercise or be at the ride. Will endevour to let you know either way!
  15. Sounds like a good run - been a while since I have been on a group ride (I like to solo out west, seems most people think it's too far away). For some reason the last few seem to have coincided with me performing a bit of spanner work on my bike.

    Route looks good, only comments I have is that Mt Tamborine on a Sunday means two things, 1) we will be stuck behind a dozen rubber-necking tourists who insist on doing 20km/h and randomly stopping in the middle of the road to look at trees, and 2) the traffic heading in the other direction will feel a need to ignore that strange solid white line in the middle of the road. Other than that Numinbah Rd just over the border is in shocking condition, so the group may need to be advised to take it easy over there (depending on the pace - if we have a few new riders on 250s we wont be setting a cracking pace in the mountains anyway, so it may be a moot point).
  16. Put me down for a maybe on Sunday for the reccy run. I'll let you know yay or nay on Friday dan...
  17. Some valid points there G.P.M.

    As with any weekend ride we will always have traffic to contend with in some form.
    Some of the road surfaces are not ideal but road conditions will be checked out on the Reccy rides and explained at the briefing before the ride on the 28th.

    The ride will cater to the varied pace of those in the group and regroup points arranged accordingly so noone gets lost. :)

    Hope to see you on the day.
  18. No worries mate, hope you can make it.
  19. I would suggest leaving a little earler.
    Less traffic going up an down tamborine and COOLER as in temp
  20. I was actually considering making it earlier for that reason Rod :)

    What do people think about a 7.30 meet time for 8.00am departure?

    You joining us on this one Rod?