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QLD Summer Riders? What jackets to use?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by emilmh, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Hey,
    Im new to riding (yet to get my licence) but im looking at gear and from the info i can find, alot seems to be from people in the south with colder weather. Im in QLD (Brisbane) and for my first jacket i want to have one that covers both summer and winter.
    I assume this leave me with the textile option as leather would be way to hot. But im wondering if anyone can give me some specific advice as to what are some good jackets are that are usable in 30 - 40 degree heat we experiance in the QLD summer! (i obviously want some protection, so please dont suggest a tshirt, vest, singlet ect...)

    My idea is that i can easily wear extra clothing underneath for winter but its a bit hard to make a jacket cooler (except for removing the optional inner linning should it have one).

  2. oh, by the way. Most of my riding will be commuting....
  3. My dririder climate control jacket serves me well in the summer and winter. I use it for all the riding I do!
  4. I am using a MotoDry Summer without the liner (dunno where THAT is) and its pretty good for air flow. Gets a bit hot when stopped at lights.
    I often rider around with it only zipped up < half way and that quite nice.
    Its not very water proof though! I have a Rivets for cold/wet weather but that one gets a bit whiffy in the hot weather. I got both of the jackets either on sale (last years model) or at the local trash 'n' treasure. Motodry was $50 (Bargain).
    Hope this helps
  5. I wear a Dri rider air mesh if the temp is above about 30 - it has armour shoulders, elbows and back - wearing a long sleeve t under gets you down to around 25 comfortably, and lower temps - bung in the zip in liner.

    That's about as cold as it gets ,eh? :)
  6. I have this exact jacket, and quite like it.. Im up in Townsville, so heat and humidity are the norm.. Ive worn mine every day all summer, and am quite happy with it. Got it for $150.. I will be upgrading to a perforated leather when I can make my mind up.

  7. depends where in QLD, the darling downs area gets down to -5 degrees some mornings in winter
  8. I run the rjays supervent 2 jacket and find it pretty good, once on the move its great, stopped at lights it does get a little how, but then i sweet alot anyway. I a jacket shopping soon for a winter jacket. So that should be nice.
  9. I use the dri rider airmesh. I zip in the waterproof and quilted lining in winter and have never felt too cold In Brisbane. As long as you keep the wind out you don't get chilled too much.

    Take the linings out and its great in summer. I have been working in Central Queensland in a hot summer and the jacket hasn't got too hot. However the back protector can cause you to sweat a bit but you wouldn't take it out.
  10. One annoying thing about my dririder climate control is that it only has one small pocket, that's impossible to get at once you got the rain liner on.
  11. Dri-mesh climate control. Thermal Liner, Waterproof liner, No liner. Cool, dry and warm with only a few seconds of zipping. I tested it (not on purpose) during a recent tropical downpour, I mean a bloody monsoon. Upperbody stayed dry. Also has armour and it's light as too. It's also got big zip pockets with decent size zips so you can work them with gumby gloves on.

    Have a look, see what u think.
  12. Another vote for the Dri-Mesh climate control. Pretty hot & humid up here, just zip in the waterproof liner for the monsoon storms.
    Also have Hein Gericke mesh cargos with a zip in liner. Just go over my work strides for the commute into the office & zip off when I get to work, no need to change.