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Qld Speeding "Tolerances"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Touch Not The Cat, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know what the "unofficial" speed tolerance is in Queensland ?
    I know in Victoria it is officially 3kmh over the stated limit before they take a happy snap.
    In NSW it is unofficially sometimes up to 10% of a given speed limit. ( true !)

    Queensland does have a secret kmh tolerance level but what is it ?
    3 kmh / 5kmh or is it a percentage ?
    Thanks chaps. =D>

  2. I doubt anyone here knows. The government loves to keep these things a secret. In my 10 years that I'd driven in Brisbane, I'd never got a speeding ticket. The times I had gone past a speed camera and was unintentionally going over the posted speed limit (like downhill sections where you'll go over even if you go a bit slower at the top of it and take your foot off the accelerator), I'd never got a ticket. I'd always been within 10% over the posted limit (soemtimes spot on 10%).

    Somoene posted a thread earlier this week saying that the rumour is that policy will be that speed cameras will take photos for 1 km/h over the posted limit. I don't know if that's true but if it is, it is unfair and such little (or none in this case) tolerance is the domain of machines, not humans.
  3. Why is it unfair? If everyone drives 5km's under the limit there will be no problem..
  4. If it says 60 then I want to be able to travel 60 if there are no conditions which prevent that. Because the road is not flat, staying on 60 is impossible. You will always go faster and slower. A little bit (everyone has their own ideas as to what is a "little bit" but by my thoughts are that +/- 3 km/h can easily happen and +5 is pushing your luck with me) is to be expected since we're not machines.

    Now, to address your 5 km/h under the limit statement. That sounds all right in theory but let me tell you exactly what that would mean. Traffic surveys are conducted from time to time and that could be either to check what speeds motorists are doing to see if the speed limit needs revising or there needs to be enforcement or traffic calming measures, what the makeup is of traffic travelling along that road, what the traffic distribution is like (times of day) and whatever other reason.

    If they were to find that people were travelling 5 km/h under the posted limit and that wasn't due to limiting road conditions then what do you think is going to happen? That's right, the posted limit will be reduced and it won't be by 5 km/h but by 10 km/h. Where would that leave us? If the rules were that the posted limit is the absolute maximum and even 1 km/h over would bring a fine and the speed limit was set to be reasonable to the majority of the population and those who drive too slow would also be fined then I'd be ok with that. I'm not fine with opening the door to further reductions where there is no real valid reason.
  5. In Vic it is 7 kmh over, then a reduction of 3 to show 64 if you are doing 67 in a 60 zone.
  6. Speed cameras nationaly have a 3kmp/h tollerance. As for hand held radar TORUM states vic has a 1kmp/h tollerance. Qld was 10% of the posted speed sign but now it's 3kmp/h. NSW is three as well.
    And with the accuracy of speedo's especially anologue and the cost's of fines I would do a speedo check. Dont forget if you change the profile of your tire your already out.
  7. Where did you get these figures?
  8. I am an instructor/assessor and its in my copy of torum. We also get monthly updates from the Dept of transport.
  9. Who knows?!

    Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson would not comment on tolerance levels.

    Queensland police have always refused to discuss the notion of a tolerance level, insisting
    drivers should treat the limit as their maximum speed. However, there is a persistent belief
    among motorists that driving up to five kilometres per hour over the speed limit will not
    result in a booking.

    "What I'm asking people to do is actually not exceed the speed limit at all," Mr Atkinson said.

    Police Minister Neil Roberts said: "The speed limit is the limit, not a guide. One 'k' over the
    limit is speeding under Queensland law".


    Qld Police website
  10. I guess you have to factor in that most speedo's on cars and bikes are usually 3 to 5 kmp/h faster than you are traveling at. So if you get done for say 65 in a 60. It's more than likely your speedo was saying 68 to 70. They know that fact.
  11. The idea of your message is right (your speedo is likely to show more than your actual speed) but as far as I'm aware no speedo is out by a flat km/h amount. They are normally out by a percentage. The rules governing their tolerance are that they can show anything in between spot on and 10% more than what you're actually doing. Manufacturers face fines if they sell you a vehicle which shows less on the speedo than you are actually doing. It was out on my last bike by 7% and is out on my car by 9-10%. Another piece of useless info is that odometers must be within 4% (I can't remember this figure exactly but my memory is telling me 3 or 4).
  12. Thanks for all the feedback about Qld tolerances.
    I have been thinking it must be about 5kmh tolerance now as the top copper Atkinson says the tolerance will be reduced when new digital cameras are introduced. (mid 2010 ?)
    I imagine they will drop the tolerance to 3 kmh as per Victoria.
    The Gatso 24 wet film cameras now in Qld use supposedly cannot cope with low tolerances taking heaps of photos as there is no system in place to process the wet film technology, if they start booking drivers/riders a few km over the limit. The turnaround time is supposed to be 3 days when you get booked by piccie in Qld.
    So, I figure it is going to be 3kmh tolerance in future.
    They have to have some tolerance as per manufacturer guidelines from Gatso.