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QLD Short notice ride - Sunday Jan 11th

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by Dirty TRiX, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Motorcycle ride - Meeting Albany Creek BP 10:30am Sunday
    A 'gentle' cruise through Mt Mee, Kilcoy and around Somerset Dam to Mt Glorious.

    Lunch at Kilcoy and a stop off at the cafe at Glorious.

    All levels of ability and all bike sizes welcome.

    I may not be back to check in before Sunday morning so just rock up people and bring your friends :)

  2. shame i missed it. maybe this weekend i'll go for a bit of a ride. or the australia day long weekend. not sure yet.....
  3. Get out there, Kezza Sistermod.
  4. Let me know when you head out kez, I would love to join you.
  5. well possibly tomorrow morning - really early - there's a couple of us going out to dayboro and up mt mee. but it depends on the rain apparently.

    leaving my place about 7am and looking at being in dayboro at the car park around 7.30am.
  6. :shock: oops too early for me, I'm still on hols and aint getting up that early. Slack I know, but have a great ride.
  7. poor thing, so hard to still be on holidays and have to sleep in.......

  8. Well now that you mention it, thats exactly where I am right now. Still recharging the batteries. I have a big year at work coming up so I'm taking it while I can. Also, I hadn't really prepared the bike for a 6.30am start (from my place) either. Stay safe tomorrow and let us now how it goes.
  9. well, i had a good time.....did mt mee better than i've done before - both up and down the hill. maybe one day i'll even be able to say i enjoy it......

    a good ride for me and i think chris enjoyed it too - at least once i told him he didnt have to wait for me but just get himself up however he wanted....

  10. upcoming rides?

    Hey guys,

    I have been naughty and not been checking the forum. Is anyone planning any rides soon? Doesn't seem like there's been any for ages. I'm keen to do a mid length one if anyone is interested, maybe late March?
  11. tsk tsk tsk lilymunster.......at least you've checked back in now. hope all is good with you.

    i dont know if there is anyone else planning a ride but depending on dates i could be interested in a ride late march. i've been doing more riding lately since the cage decided to play up, but mostly commuting stuff.

    i'd be more than happy to lead a ride from brisbane out to the property - depending on who was interested, i might even be convinced to do mt glorious again :shock:
  12. I'm keen on meeting some Netriders. I go out that way most weeks. But I'm a weekday rider. Less porkies and traffic. More for me to play :p
  13. Hey Kezza,

    Sorry, yes just been a bit busy. How are you?

    A ride out that way sounds good, although I don't know if I'm confident enough for Glorious... always seem to be a lot of idiots around there that make me a bit edgy. How does the 28th or 29th sound for everyone?

    Seems like it's been a bit quiet on here for everyone the past few months! :)
  14. hey lilymunster like everyone i'm busy too. floods just aren't going away unfortunately :(

    i'd be happy not to do mt glorious, we can go via mt mee and dayboro instead. or even more along motorways :)

    the last weekend of march sounds fine to me. if we can get a couple of people interested i can post an official ride notice.

    let's see what happens in the next couple of days. it has been quiet in the qld ride thread for quite a long time unfortunately.......
  15. I'm interested kez. Why dont you post it. I'm happy with twisties or the straight stuff.
  16. Ummm...just checking out to see if I still know how to post. It has been quite a while since I've been on here but good to see some of the same faces (almost put old :grin: )

    I'm keen to get some regular rides happening again as long as there's others that don't mind helping out going TEC and stuff or if there's only a few of us just winging it.
  17. well ok, since there might be a little bit of interest how does this sound - weekend of march 28 - 29. we ride out from maybe dayboro on the saturday morning, over mt mee, through woodford, around the back way to kilcoy, around somerset to esk, from esk to my place.....then those who want to can camp at my place and ride home again on sunday. those who cant stay overnight can get directions on ways to get back to brissie.

    paul and i are happy for people to camp. we can organise some extra food, and if sunny will host a solar-cooked meal (if its wet or cloudy then we can fire up the fireplace or eat cold stuff).

    if people want to camp then i will try to organise for a support car to bring stuff up (we have a couple of swags here, and a comfy couch, but no tents) along with some extra food etc. there's home brew and a very small wine cellar.

    i'll try to remember how to post an EOI ride post and post the link here :)
  18. oh yeah, and welcome back muttley - good to see a few of the crew still visit here (i was kinda feelin a bit lonely :p)
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