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QLD Scrap cars for bikes plan...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Fluffy Bunny Feet, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. More free bike parking in the CBD would be a good start :D

    And while we are at it let ban FWD's at peak hour, better still tattoo w*****r to the forehead of all FWD owners :twisted:
  2. What's wrong with FWD's, and why in peak hour?
  3. Note: They are talking about bicycles (not motorbikes).

    Bicycles are good for travel in about a 15km radius I reckon.
    In the city traffic bicycle trip time is not that different to cars.

    I like my pushy, they are a realistic and good method of transport in the city.

    I only have two problems with the whole bicycle thing:
    1. My motorbike is just so much fun!
    2. Everybody seems to hate push bike riders (cars & pedestrians). Ride around a bit and you will soon experience some sort of agro. Its a similar story to motorbikes in many respects, but on a bicycle you have no authority (speed capability and general presence) on the road, which leaves you at the mercy of every car driver out there (which just isn't good).

    But still, with good cycle paths, bicycles are great.
  4. typical governments, can't see past the badass motorcycle stereotype to actually realise that they would achieve more to reduce congestion than anything else. Simply legalise filtering, and footpath parking.

    Who wants to start riding a bicylce , unless you live 20 minutes from town? There's no way someone living in Yatala is going to want to cycle to work every day rocking up smelling like bum BO.

    But no, the hairy-armpit public she-servants don't want "those big smelly motorcycles" on the road in the first place.
  5. yeah, anything up to around a 20k commute wouldn't make a huge difference in travel time if the traffic is relatively horrific and you are a decent rider (only takes a couple of months to get up to speed). my commute was only 8km, all 80kph-100kph zones, and i'd still get there quicker on the bike than in a car on most days. no match for a motorbike tho, and much harder work :LOL:

    but each to their own i guess. i cant stand driving around at the moment, but i have to do it. i gladly jump back on the pushy if it meant i could get out of the mercy of the traffic in the stupid cage, but the pregnant one needs to be driven around :(
  6. you'd be suprised. my sister lives about 25kms away from work and takes the long way more often than not. once you've aquired a certain level of fitness, the sweat factor is virtually nil until you stop riding, and even then its not a certain thing, depending on the weather. you sweat as much or more wearing your bike gear in the middle of summer, and winter you dont sweat anyways (tho you can get a little more wet depending on how good your gear is)

    treadlies are a very viable option if you can get off your bum :LOL:
  7. :LOL: I'm guessing rbarge that you meant 4wds right? FWD is usually the abbreviation for "front wheel drive" so that'd only leave the roads free for Aussie sedans, 4wds and motorcycles - there's a recipe for disaster right there.
  8. Good point, didn't think of that. I suppose most m/c riders sweat up a bit in summer too...
  9. I'm assuming you mean 4WD, not Front Wheel Drives.. :roll:

    For someone who is in a minority rbarge (like the rest of us!), you need to calm down a bit. You're tarring all 4WD owners with the same brush, just like cagers do to us when you get the bad egg doing his 200km/h in a 40 zone run.. Oh, and I personally invite you to come down and attempt to tattoo w****r onto my forehead, and possibly even Sir Skuffy's as well.. :twisted:

    Back on topic, I think this is a great idea. I spent 12 months riding my pushbike from Brunswick to the CBD and back, and was quite often able to make the trip quicker than I would have in the car. Riding in the rain sucks, but it's tolerable if you're kitted out right.
  10. D'OH
    4wds and anything is a recipe for disaster. Why people buy them is a mystery, if you are going off road thats one thing, but the most "off road" most of them get is the speed bump in the supermarket car park.

    I guess people are under the impression they are somehow safe.
    Apart from the fact that they love to roll and hate to stop.
  11. skuffy deserves it tho :LOL: fkn 4wd drivers, burn them all i say :twisted:
  12. Yeah, can't stand front-wheel drive either. Understeer city.

  13. No not all of them, the REAL 4WD people are not that bad (you can tell them out becuase there 4WD's are dirty), it's the one that are used for school runs etc I have a problem with becuase driving something with the visibility of stevie wander around a school Zone is bad, and they always seem to be the ones who think it's a good idea to drive 10 cms behind you on the road :evil:
  14. Not always - mine's really clean at the moment.. Linky :eek: :wink:
    That's fine.. I've got no problems with you having an issue with them.. I have an issue with them. Your first post implied that we're all like that, and I got a little defensive. :wink:

    Oh, and Coconuts: Skuffy might, I don't.. Bite me! :p
  15. I believe Singapore already has something similar with the old car thing, that's why you don't find many old cars in Singapore, it's economically more viable to keep buying newer cars than to keep old cars. I also think Japan has a similar thing?

    I like the bicycle idea. I think they should also encourage more motorcycles, as motorcycles don't cause as much traffic jams, and it's easier to cater for more motorcycle parking than it is for more car parking.

    I also think they should expand and improve on Park & Ride, which is already around but on a fairly small scale. Have more, and more secure, Park & Ride stations for both buses as well as trains.

    And instead of increasing tax etc on parking in the city, how about reducing costs of public transport? That will encourage yet more people to use public transport. At the moment, it is cheaper for me to ride my motorcycle to work, than it is to buy a bulk train ticket (3 monthly). In fact, it costs me less than half than it is to buy a daily ticket. It costs me marginally more to drive my car in to work by myself. Car pool with 1 other person, and voila, it's cheaper for me to drive in.

    Apart from the inconvenience and hassle of having to sit in traffic and concentrate for the entire duration of travelling, why wouldn't I just drive or ride in every day?
  16. Of course there's nothing to stop people using the cash they get from scrapping thir car to buy a scooter... You can ride them with a car license here.

    As for bicycles, Brisbane's streets aren't as cycle friendly as Melbourne. The roads are narrower and there are a lot more hills.

    Still a good plan though.
  17. Japan's also famous for requiring you to prove that you have space available to park a new car at your home before you are allowed to buy one - the police actually come round and measure the area of the driveway/garage. People are allowed to own older cars but the cost of registration increases and they are subject to yearly roadworthys so generally the only older vehicles are classics.