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[QLD] Saturday 30th Gold Coast Hinterland

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Sheepy, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Abit short notice but planning to join a few other guys and do some of the fun twisty roads around the Gold Coast hinterland. Suitable for any rider and will be Kicking off at BP Yatala about 9am Saturday.

  2. Quite possibly very interested... Need to see what the weather will be like though!
  3. Finally, one i might be able to get to. What time do you think it will finish as i start work at 3pm that day?
  4. By lunch it'll be wrapped up. Weather is meant to be good... I miss the sun.
  5. awwww jemjem i'm taking the cubs camping :-(
  6. will depend on my friday night but might try and make it
  7. Bummer, I have the bike booked in for a service sat morning. otherwise I would be up for it.
  8. If it's just the morning I'm aiming to come.
  9. Morning to lunch hopefully!
  10. BP Yatala is that one kindof opposite the pie shop (other side of the motorway), right? 8-[
  11. Sailing, yet again :(
  12. yeah dude, come down the offramp (assuming you're in brisbane) and go left at the first roundabout, bp's the only building in the first ~km
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  13. Yep, opposite Yatala pies. If ya decide to come last minute or your running late ect feel free to grab me on 0434 923 749. Will be parked near the airpumps, white and blue gixxer and a yellow Triumph Sprint.
  14. Sweet, I'll see how I go in the morning.
    Just finished getting my new M5s scrubbed in when the weather went bad; can't wait to give 'em a proper go.
  15. I'm out. Bike ****ed itself this morning and will be in the mechanics till tuesday. :( :(
  16. Looks like I can book this one in ^_^ can't wait now...
  17. Awesome! Catcha in the morning. :)
  18. Haha at this stage I will have another friend who will come with us too, I think he ride a cruiser big cruiser :biker:
  19. Thx Sheepy, just got home it is a short but nice ride after all. ^_^
  20. Thanks heaps guys for coming out, it wasnt well organised but it was okay once we got going and the weather was awesome. I hope your friend on the R1 was okay. I'll post some photos and film when I get home later tonight.