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[QLD] Sat 22nd April North Ride

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Sheepy, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Looking to do a north ride in a couple of weeks, probably a similar route we did with Kneedragon last time. I'll have a couple of new camera mounts by then which I'll be keen to try out.

    Sunday 22nd 8AM meet for 830AM departure at The Gap BP. Everyone is welcome, all skill levels will be looked after. :)

  2. That was Nebo/Glorious/Samford/Mee/D'aguilar/Woodford or something, right?
  3. Just saw the videos from that last ride up there; nice!

    I'll have to keep an eye on my calendar.
  4. This is can be quiet learner friendly, just pay attention thru the hills, ride your own pace, and leave plenty of space to the guy in front.
  5. Wish I could make it, I'll be in Karratha, WA still at that stage! *shakes tiny fist!*
  6. By my calendar, Saturday is the 21st. Which one is it? I could do Sunday, I have a wedding to attend on Saturday.
  7. Ha. You're right. I think I was looking at the calendar too and pondering both days... subconsciously my brain must have wanted Sunday. If there's a date consensus we'll go with that.
  8. I know these roads quite well (many a spirited car drive). They've been working on the road from Dayboro to Mee, its much better than it was but theres still a lot of potholes.

    I'm interested pending how big a friends birthday is the night before. Plus I'll be riding like a slow noob anyway :)
  9. Alright, I'm keen for Sunday (if it ends up being Sunday).
  10. Interesting, hopefully the dry winter weather will be upon us by then. Might go 2up if it's a leisurely cruise.

    As usual, don't wait for me :)
  11. might come up for the ride where is the gap bp and is it saturday or sunday?
  12. I reckon Sunday will be the better option according to the weather forcast. Sunday the 22nd meeting at 8AM for 830AM departure, weather pending.

    Great! Ride will be on Sunday, weather pending. BP is on Waterworks road, The Gap. http://g.co/maps/29yn5 ... Are you northside or southside? I'm happy to meet up with any southsiders along the way. :)

    I'm doing a track day on Monday so I'm leaning towards a cruise through the hills and lunch somewhere rather than a full on huge trip of a day. Does that work for everyone?
  13. well if it is fine can mee tyou at morningside caltex, like usual or see you there at bp.

    any ideas on where you want to go ,

    asyou hit woodford for morning tea at that bakery we stopped at , refillif need be and come back over the hills by lunch .
  14. I may pass, I think. I can ride, but I'm not confident to pillion, and if I go and she doesn't ... there'll be hell to pay.
  15. To Woodford and back sounds like a plan, Ben. I like heading down the back of Nebo but heading up is ten times better. :D
  16. You mean back of glorious, that goes past the tea house and down to esk / dam turn off, Tempted to go there and do a u turn , and stop at the tea house for a early morning tea.

    I always get the 2 mixed up. Muttly use to be able to do ride plans, and that, it may help if people get lost,

    Either way as long as it fine i should be in.
  17. Weather reports have been updated, looks like it'll be fine over the weekend.

    Dunno if i'll be up for the early start.. or can keep up! :(
  18. Alright count me in!
  19. i will have to cannel can't make it now got to work but maybe next time