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[QLD] Sat 10th March South Ride

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Sheepy, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. After nearly a month without my bike I'm keen for a proper ride. Woo!

    Weather pending, Saturday 10th myself and a couple of extras will be doing a cruise through the Gold Coast Hinterland twisties and may continue on down to Murwillumbah for lunch and to do a few laps of the Burringbar range ... if you haven't done it yet, it's worth the trip. :D

    8AM meet at Yatala BP for 830AM departure. All are welcome.
  2. i'd REALLY like to say yes, but after soundwave this weekend i may be pushing the boundaries of babysitters
  3. Do. It. Burringbar is worth not being able to rope in another baby sitter for a few months. :p
  4. Now that I've finally got my bike might have to make the trip over..
  5. In like sin
  6. Burringbar is indeed really good now (that they've both fixed the road AND bypassed it!)

    Edit: I was going to Lismore that weekend anyway, might tag along till Murbah or something if I can get away early enough.
  7. Sounds good, guys. :)
  8. Sigh. Rain cheque on this one I fear. Sorry.
  9. You have a valid excuse, KD. ;)
  10. Pending on the weather, might come along with another Asian rider on ninja... Haven't done much riding down south. Will love to see those beautiful roads :)
  11. I may make it.
  12. watch out for the boys in blue as you go over Burringbar, they just love it around there.
  13. Sorry guys, I have to cancel. Turns out I need to get new tyres on Saturday instead. :(
  14. you're not supposed to bail on your own ride jem
  15. >_< anyone else is going? Me n a mate is still keen to go out on the ride, but I am not too familiar with route down south... So if no one else is going maybe we will head up north instead since I have been out that way couple times.
    Will keep looking for reply till tmrw.

  16. I have to be back for tyres at 12:30. I could probably take you through the GC Hinterland and down to the NSW/QLD border... if you want to go further than that I can point out the road. :)
  17. Jem, this fellow on Moss Street will sell you a Mtz M5 for about $245. I'm getting one there v. soon for the 954.
  18. Hey Jem if it is only 3 of us dont worry about it we can do it next time, just have a nice sleep in, I will head out north with my mate it is all good!!!
  19. Oh. Ok then so no ride.
  20. Yeah no ride to south but one ride to north but a late one meeting at Macas calamvale 9:30 all welcome if interested :)