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[QLD] Road Safety Initiative

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by V2, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Looks like Queensland Transport thinks sending out a brochure to all riders is a great way to reduce the road toll. Stumbled across this "modified version" on another forum. Quite funny!

  2. Every time a motorcyclist makes one of these parodies/spoofs, I can't help but think how much funnier it would be, and how much more impact it would have, if:
    (1) they didn't use the word 'fcuked' as a replacement for punctuation and as an integrated adjective.
    (2) they used correct spelling and grammar - especially if they're going to imply that police officers can't spell. Glass houses, stones, you know.

    But I gotta say, the most depressing part about my recent motorcycley visit to Brisvegas was that every petrol pump is plastered with stickers advertising how short-lived motorcyclists are.

    And it's not like they're whispering, "Hey - motorcyclist - you know that reducing your risk is a good idea, right?" They're shouting out to the 97% of road users who don't operate a motorcycle, "Don't worry about those guys - they'll be dead soon either way."

    I don't think either campaign does anything but foster apathy and antipathy toward motorcyclists in the general community.
  3. +1 Spots. It would have been much funnier had the "editor" had half the sense of humour and intellect that they presumably think they have.

    Couldabeen good but isn't.
  4. Yep... I received mine in the mail on Tuesday... what I want to know is, if they can do a targeted mailout to registered owners of bikes, are they going to do other target mailouts.

    For example:

    Mailout to all VE Commodore registered owners saying:

    Fact: You have just bought a car with a larger "A" pillar than any other vehicle in the history of mankind.

    Fact: Even an attentive driver could loose a school bus behind that "A" pillar at a T-Intersection.


    Don't get me wrong... I like the VE Commodore.. but... as mentioned above, the campaign is all about us at the moment... and awareness needs to be targeted outside of the motorcycling community... WE already know how dangerous it can be.

    Does your average cager actually know how many "blind spots" he has?
  5. It's the lose/loose thing that does me. I did love the line: "gun hoe fcuktard cop". Did he mean gung-ho or is it some sort of 'gangsta' confection?
    I'm regularly amazed by the amount of interest in bikes 'over east' from the media, riders, legislators and law enforcement. Over here in WA...no one appears to give f#$k.
  6. I suspect it might have something to do with a distinct lack of bikes on the road until recently.

    Only a bit over 5 years ago, I spent a couple of hours sat at the side of Roe Highway one morning peak, my K100's final drive having shat itself, and, in all that time, only five bikes came past. That was on a glorious, sunny but not excessively hot late spring morning. I was shocked at what it said about the number of bikes on the road in WA at that time.

    These days I see a lot more. Maybe the media will wake up. But then, as the media here consists of the Worst and the Sunday Crimes, maybe not.
  7. Ah gotcha, so we might have it to come eh? Something to look forward to :cry:
  8. It's the little tombstone off to the left on their bike safety site that's particularly tasteless...



    and you always know when they say motor bike in any government communication that they don't know what they're talking about and are likely to be patronising...

    and have a look at the section on gear - particularly boots...

    have waterproof rubber soles at least 10 centimetres bigger than your feet

    The duck-footed biker? :LOL:

    Still, they take their advice from CARRS-Q at QUT. What can you expect? :roll: