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N/A | National Qld road race canned

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by basejumper, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. International race organiser: We're looking elsewhere now

    I can't see how any Aussie race like this could ever pass a "safety" audit. It would have been 100% deadly just like the TT. The chance of no riders getting killed would be slim if u ask me.

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  2. Sad, road racing might be absolutely mad but it's damn entertaining. Unfortunately I doubt it'll see any interest from authorities in Australia full stop, the safetycrats will decry it for encouraging hoon behaviour, then ACA will pick it up if it gets anywhere near going ahead and have a demonising report saying it'll turn Australia's motorcyclists into road racing hooligans. Never mind it's a sport with limited other practise outside of Ireland/IoM and by capturing a bit of that road racing market it might bring more interest to Australia in general.

    We've got some of the most beautiful and some really technical roads here in Australia, it's wasteful to not have some sort of TT like event here.
  3. Tassie or the NT is the only place I could see the slightest chance of getting approval. Don't they have a TT in NZ? If not, surely they would happily host the event.

    I wonder what roads he is talking about in the other states? I am surprised he only said he has 3 roads in mind.

    Crowdfunding was a bit of a disaster...
  4. I doubt Tasmania would approve it, you'd require state approval for something like this and Tasmania is a hugely left leaning state, who in general hate roads, cars, motorcycles etc. Shame though, a TT down the course of the roads following hydro power plants would be amazing.

    A TT is NT would be the most boring thing ever or the most dangerous thing since Dakar without the distance. What roads are there in the NT that compare to the hills along the great dividing range for the eastern states or the roads of Tasmania?
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    Tassie has the Targa race.

    Sure, the NT isn't the ideal place. But it's also the most likely to grant permission. I know of a few bitumen roads up near the Gulf that are great fun. This road would be awesome, and it's got a pretty good surface given the mining company has to pay for it. Plus Heartbreak hotel in cape crawford is a great pub!

    Google Maps

    Actually looking at it, that road is probably way too high speed. This short little blat might be better suited.
    Google Maps
  6. Good point.
    And NT has the Finke, which has it's share if risk.
  7. A group in Tasmania already had plans for a TT underway.

    Racing on closed road circuits is done regularly in NZ, and many other places around the world other than Ireland and Isle of Man, and we also have something similar here in Cessnock.

    The protesters in Malaney are all people who moved to the area from elsewhere displacing all the Dairy a Farmers and killing the industry on the mountain, who now want to lock the gate for others. They crow over the Woolworths protest, but, they overlook the fact it got built. There is a Woolies in Malaney, so they didn't win.

    You need high profile people to get on board, and Mick Doohan was asked about it at Morgan Park at ASBK and said he didn't support it as it was too dangerous (also conflicts with his road safety commitments). Application pulled.

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