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[QLD] Riding on L' Plates

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by engels, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Hello peoples,

    I was curious, are you aloud to ride on your L's by yourself in QLD?
    On the 1st of July they are changing the ruling so you aren't allowed a pillion passenger (including supervisors), but I was wondering if that means currently you Have to have a supervisor to ride around on your L plates?

    Motorcycle laws are so grey.

    Cheers for your wisdom,
  2. no way man.

    im like pretty sure same ruling in QLD as in Vic...

    your own your own the whole time till your off restrictions. Thats the difference between learning on a bike and in car.

    You learn at your own paste making all of your own decisions. So take it easy on the road :grin:
  3. Ahh cheers :D
  4. err.. NO!!!

    QLD L's require a full licenced rider to follow at all times (within 100m from memory)
  5. haha....i was about to say you should wait on confirmation from a true QLD'er

    sorry bud

    Still tho, no supervisior rides 'WITH' you on the bike. and additionally if the supervisior is 'following' you as you say, you still are pretty much making all the decisions yourself on the rode. (ie. changing lanes, cornering, timing or when to enter an un-signalised intersection etc etc.)

    Other the other hand in a car, the supervisior (usually parent or so), will normally be telling you when to enter the road from a side street when clear or alike.
  6. Ahh indeed, they are so unclear about that stuff. Hopefully it will change when they are bringing in the new laws in July.

    On a side note, what good is a person riding behind you for the purpose of learning?

    Update: I found it. Trolling through some PDF's.

    "A learner will still be required to be supervised by an
    appropriately licensed person when riding a motorcycle. If the
    motorcycle has a sidecar, the supervisor may accompany the
    learner by being safely seated in the sidecar. Alternatively, the
    learner may ride under the direction of the supervisor following
    at a safe distance on another motorcycle or in another vehicle."

    So unless your Q'Riding it makes it hard to learn on your own. Winner QLD. Winner. haha
  7. Is that after LAMS comes in or as it stands now? Not that it will affect me in the future but I'm curious.
  8. Currently in effect, and also will be in effect when LAMS comes in
  9. so basically you cant get a motorcycle licence, and then ride on the road, unless you know someone else with a full licence?

    sucks bad.
  10. how do learners in QLD end up riding if they don't know anyone who rides (and on fulls)?

    are there like instructors you pay by the hour to follow you around ? (Similarly to getting lessons while on L-car license)
  11. Pretty much what NuXnug said. They have a thing called QRide in which you can do a few courses and when you are 'competent' they pass you and you can get your P's.

    But if you can't afford that - its about $70/lesson and they say you need around 7 lessons - then it does suck bad indeed nibor haha.
  12. When I bought my first bike I had NEVER ridden on the road. The only experience I had on 2 wheels was from riding dirt bikes for a maximum of 12 months about 6 or 7 years ago.

    I got my L's, and about a week later i rang an instructor and asked about doing q-ride. He told me to come down and have a lesson to see how I go and we would take it from there.

    So at the lesson I did what would be expected of me to pass the course and a week later I was booked in to do the q-ride assessment, and passed pretty easily.

    So no you can't ride on your own on your L's, but it's pretty damn easy to pass the q-ride course and that put me onto an open RE license. (As I have had an open drivers license for more than 12 months)
  13. Cheers for that bourkey.

    It just proves a problem for my NSW friend riding on his L's into QLD that's all :)
  14. Thats a good question actually... If he holds a NSW License and is legally allowed to ride on his own with L's does that mean he is exempt from the QLD ruling because he will be showing NSW plates and license? This can be quite a trap for unsuspecting riders.

    I thought you were talking about yourself when asking the question, not an interstate visitor. Will be interesting to see what the rule is.
  15. We rang QLD Transport and they said they were legally allowed to ride here without supervision, but they said to be cautious as the Police have booked NSW L platers anyway and said to ring the local police station to find their verdict on the area.

    We rang the Police and they said they will need supervision once passing over the QLD border.
  16. The QRIDE 2 day course is aimed at people that have never ridden a motorcycle before.

    Problem solved.
  17. Transport seems correct to me. Having a supervising rider is a licence condition of a QLD L licence. If you have a NSW licence, you don't have the QLD L licence, so how can you have the licence restriction?

    Pretty sure that's correct. A state law has to be obeyed whenever you are in that state, while a licence condition has to be obeyed by any holder of that licence, wherever they are. At least, that's how it works for QLD P platers in NSW, being able to go 110km/h as our licence doesn't have the 90/100 limit condition.

    Another hypothetical question - what if a NSW P licenced rider who is 17 moves to QLD, where you have to be 18 to get your learners? Do they forfeit their licence and have to start from Ls again once they turn 18? Or can they ride from 18 on Ls, then get automatically upgraded to Ps when they are old enough?

    These are all reasons why we should have a national system - not just for cars/bikes either.
  18. It's one of those grey areas iEdd that pops up all the time being on the border. They really should fix it.
  19. Just got the brochures on the new QLD laws today. Up until July 1 this year it was legal for a learner to carry a supervisor as a pillion, but that has always seemed like a horrible idea to me. Now, as said in this thread, you either do Q-Ride (about 500 bucks) or have someone ride with you. My wife has her Ls (class RE), but I ride so we're all good (as soon as we can afford a bike for her). Stoked that LAMS has arrived in QLD, though: she'll be much better off, and enjoy much better something bigger than a 250.