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[QLD] Ride to Mt. Mee, Mon May 7th

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, May 5, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mark Froble

    START TIME: 07:30am

    Leaving the BP service station at The Gap (Waterworks Rd), we head over Mt. Nebo to the Cafe at the top of Mt. Glorious for a drink. Then back down the hill into Samford Valley and head north to Dayboro. A quick rest at the carp...

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  2. Sorry Tim, I cant make the ride mate :( Hopefully another time soon tho... :)
  3. hmmmm this could combine the campsite recce for the rally ride too couldn't it....

    and gives me another shot at those early twisties to mt glorious....

    but doesn't it take in the downhill ride to samford? that's rather steep isn't it? anyone know, is it steeper than what i've done so far?

    *yeah yeah woosey kez worryin her head off again!!hehehe*

    anyways, slow_suzuki, the start is much earlier than i'd thought (unless we meet mark_froble at samford or dayboro when he gets there).....

    waddya think?

    i'm happy to be in - would love to ride with mark_froble again since he doesn't get much chance to join us....
  4. hey mark_froble, here's a suggestion, how bout i meet you at dayboro on your way through?

    would that be an option?

    (sorry, but 7.30am start at the gap really is a bit too early for me.......i do need my beauty sleep after all :p )...
  5. too bloody early for me on a public holiday.

    Maybe we can meet up at Dayboro for Mount Mee or something like that?
  6. meeting a dayboro round about 9am works for me.....

    over to you mark_froble.....
  7. How about we meet at 09:00am at Dayboro?

    If anyone is coming through from the south side, I can meet them at Samford Village (Caltex Servo) at 08:30.

    Do those times suit???
  8. That sounds good to me.
  9. Well, don't I look like a tool...

    I set the time, now I can't make it that early :oops:

    The earliest I can do now is 2:30pm @ Caltex Samford, so 3:00pm @ Dayboro.

    That's pretty much stuffed everything up, so I assume Kezza and Slow_Suzuki would prefer leaving in the morning to do the recce as originally planned :( But please consider delaying it!!!

    Well I am definitely leaving Caltex @ 2:30pm on Monday... I'll be with 2 other mates who have confirmed their attendance.

    Hopefully some of you other guys can join us too.

    Sorry for this terrible organisation. I rushed everything cause I'm so desperate to go for a ride with you guys.


    I'll stay away from organising these things in the future :oops:

  10. don't worry tim, i can't hardly organise my way out of the proverbial paper-bag some days.......

    i'm not sure how this works for you slow_suz? there is another guy from the northside who was possibly going to join us.....i don't know how the changed time would be for him but i'm happy to contact him....

    we could always do the recce as planned then, head back down to dayboro to meet tim or something.......it doesn't really matter too much except for the fact that on monday arvo traffic on the motorways is going to really suck!
  11. I have no set time for this - sometime monday is fine by me.

    I have fencing to sort so monday arvo is fine. Just work out the time between you.
  12. ok, i'll let you know - hopefully at the karting tomorrow..
  13. hey tim and others, sorry, but i've decided to call it quits for tomorrow. i'll make a quick little ride round the neighbourhood or something, but no big ride for me.

    so it looks like we'll have to meet up for a ride some other time.

    have a good day tho.....it looks like it'll be a good day for it.
  14. Hoping to take my bro out there in the half cage and do the recce and take some photos tomorrow.