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[QLD] Ride to Montville, Fri Mar 23rd

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Auscruiser

    Meet up at Shell Calamvale 8:30 for 9am start.

    Planned route via Ipswich, Esk to Montville for lunch. Return via route TBC.

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  2. Proposed route for the ride:

  3. :eek: daym I would so be up for that... I'll see if i can extract the vfr from my mate for the day.
  4. Would love to but working all day on that day. Why Friday???
  5. looks like a nice ride..
    but yeah.. Friday?

    I'll be working Friday, then heading off on "Muttly's Monthly Mayhem" on Sun, so I'll say thanks, but no thanks (this time)

    Let us know how it goes, should pencil that one in for a later time.

  6. Same, Friday is out for me.
  7. me too - but not cause its friday, but cause i'll be freezin my a$$ off in canada......

    :woot: :woot: :woot:
  8. Hi Auscruiser, unfortunately I can't make a FriDAY ride either. :cry: I'm impressed with the effort you've made posting the route tho. :eek: The fact the return ride is left open is another good idea imo. :idea:
  9. I think I'm in!!! I have to work at 9:00pm that night, but I'm sure I can make it for the ride. It sounds fun!

    Not all of us work Monday to Friday by the way :p
  10. Sorry Auscruiser. That is a sweet ride but unfortunately I'm one of the one's that do work mon-fri.

    Maybe next time :(
  11. i dont work mon to fri!!!! but i do unfortuately work every friday :( so im out too.... if it comes up on a sunday or monday will definitely be there to give it a go :)
  12. Sorry that some can't make it.
    I chose a Friday because it's a little bit different and generally there's less traffic 'cause most cagers are at work.

    Family commitments usually rule me out for weekend rides - at least until the kids get older and are less inclined to want to do soccer, cricket, little athletics, birthday parties, gymnastics, baseball, hapkido, netball, homework...................

    I've posted this on 2 other forums as well - QMRF & KSRC and there's a bit of interest in the ride.

    Depending on how the run goes I'll consider making it a monthly event - so if you can't make it this time maybe another.

    I guess I'm lucky - at the moment I don't work Fridays, so figured this was a way of participating in a ride and meeting a few people that I wouldn't otherwise get to meet. I figured that there are also riders in a similar position - shift workers etc, that don't get to participate in weekend rides due to family or work commitments.[/list]
  13. i reckon that's a cool idea for those who do have weekend commitments.

    and sometimes maybe those of us who do work fridays could be 'sick'......


  14. I've soooo been there, now the only surviving offspring has her own car, so I'm excused weekend taxi services :grin:

    But now I work at a college, very little chance of a weekday sneak away to go for a ride :(

    Hope it goes well
  15. Kezza, many of us do not work for the public service.

    We do not have the previledge of RSO's (rosted sickies off) along with RDO's.

    Our bosses still believe in slave labour. :grin:
  16. not all us public servants get RDO's either......and the RSO's - for some of us - have to be taken complete with dr's certificate.....and some of us end up being on standby every time there's even a hint of a storm.....

    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  17. oh yeah, and i should have said - good luck to all those who get any day off work to ride - regardless of which day of the week it is.

    i'm just pleased that someone has been able to organise a ride on a day other than the 'traditional' weekend so that those who can go will still have company.

    ride safe to all those who are riding on friday. enjoy the day.
  18. Looking forward to the ride on Friday.

    Proposed stops at this stage:
    • Shell Servo - Esk. About 95kms from the start.
    • Woodford - if needed / wanted.
    • Montville

    At this stage will probably head to the Penefathings Inn for Lunch. If anyone prefers one of the other restaurants / cafes up there let me know.

    After lunch I'll be heading straight back down the Bruce Highway to Calamvale.

    Ward & Mark- you gonna make it?
  19. have a great ride on friday. i'll be watching for a ride report and photos from afar......

    take care...

  20. Thanks Kezza. Must remember camera......