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[QLD] Ride to Conquer Cancer Volunteers

Discussion in 'QLD' started by TRA, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Search is on for moto crew for this event again. I really enjoyed it last year. Big weekend, but well worth it. A few netriders got involved last year. Last years event raised $4.7million for cancer research.

    If you are keen, let me know. There is (or was) a $50 fee associated with the ride to cover food, tents shirts etc for the weekend. I am seeking clarification if this is still the case.

    Spiel from the advert:
    On August 18—19, thousands of riders will cycle 200+ kilometres in The Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer® benefiting Queensland Institute of Medical
    Research. As they embark on this epic journey, they’ll need your help!

    Crew Members are the backbone of the event. Because of all of their hard work and dedication, Crew Members experience the same perks as the Riders such as access to a hot shower, catered meals, and a cosy tent at Camp.

    The Ride is seeking bikers, moped riders and enthusiasts who can provide their own wheels and insurance to help with important tasks such as:
    • Traffic assistance
    • Follow Riders along the route
    • Cheer on the brave men and women of The Ride
    • And most importantly – to have fun

  2. A couple of my friends are riding this, I'd be interested in helping out too.
  3. If you want to sign up, flick an email to Ana, arussell[at]conquercancer.org.au

    I can confirm that the $50 still exists for food and drinks etc.

    Last year we all tried to meet up a few times before the event, makes a good excuse to go for a ride!
  4. Bump.

    Anyone doing this, or anyone keen?
  5. Bike's up for sale at the moment, but if I've still got it I'll be in again this year. Hopefully without the sickness like last time!

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  6. when is it?
  7. August 18-19
  8. I'm doing it.
  9. Had a look at the website. Not a lot of info about what you actually do, just what the event is about. I assuming the route changes from year to year, but what is expected of the crew and how to the motorcycle rider actually help with the event?
  10. Last year, we got posted to an intersection to help direct riders. Once most of the riders are through, you just ride up and back offering support and encouragement. It really enjoyed it. As we were riding, if there was issues we would stop and help out too, things like flat tires or directing people around large pot holes.

    They feed you well, breakfast lunch and dinner plus afternoon and morning tea. Last year there was also a bar at the campground, so all the motorcyclists had a few beers.

    I think I have a few pics, will post them up if I can find them.
  11. From memory, there was some discussion last year about ways we could have been a bit more useful - I don't suppose there was any word on that?

    If nothing official has been changed, we should probably prep some toolkits in advance - a few spare tubes, patches, pump/ etc. They ran out of a fair few things last year.
  12. I agree. Last year was a big learning curve being the first time. I will have to look around the house, pretty sure I ended up with 3 boxes of patches. I will also have a small compressor with me this year too!

    I'll check back through my email too, i think there was some suggestions sent around in the weeks afterwards.
  13. I've volunteered, what do you recommend carrying as part of the kit?

    So far:
    - Pump/compressor
    - Inner tubes (I have no idea on which ones?)
    - Patches
    - Water
    - First aid kit

    I've got a tank bag & small tail bag. Can take a backpack too
  14. Just contacted them through 1300 number but will leave it until closer to the date to sign up. I hate letting people down when I have committed to something. Hope to see some of you on the ride.
  15. Based on last year, just a pump/compressor and patches. They have bike mechanics on motorcycles, but last year they where a bit overwhelmed. Toward the end they ran out of patches. If a bike cant be fixed, they are picked up by a sweep vehicle who will take them to the next rest point where this is a bike mechanic.

    Water is a must for you more so than the riders.

    All the sweep vehicles have first aid kits from memory, so you wont need that either.
  16. would love to do this, but i'm unable to be away overnight :-(
  17. No probs at all. Looks like their might be enough people now although the more the merrier!! Volunteers still welcome...

    For those who have signed up, you dont need to bring anything BTW, the tube and compressor thing is just to help those along. The event is very professional, but there is always tears when people get swept, so its nice to see them back on their bikes.

    For those who did it last year, I reckon a beer at the campsite for John is in order. At least we wont have to put up with the noisy harley this year...RIP.
  18. EDIT: Opps, missed an info PDF
  19. Is there any age restriction or bike restriction on the ride? I'm only 18... But a day away with some other riders sounds like a fantastic evening out. And a good reason to go for a ride... So what's the low down? Am I able too?
  20. Only restriction is that you have a licence and 3rd party insurance from memory. Send an email of to Ana (see earlier posts) if you are interested, she will give you the low down. Its not all riding, lot of standing around directing cyclists too. Still good fun, last year when I finished my post I rode back and forth cheering on and yelling encouragement to the cyclists.