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[QLD] Ride for Daniel Charity Day, Sun Jun 10th

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Melinda

    On the Sunday of the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, Sunday 10 June 2007, all motorcyclists and motorbike enthusiasts are invited to participate in Australia’s premier motorcycle event, the ‘Ride for Daniel’ fundraising appeal, to be held on the...

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  2. so anyone plannin on doin this ride?????

    yeah - i'm doin some advanced planning here...... :shock:
  3. sounds like a good ride... will have to have a few other group rides before then.... will be kinda scary doin first group ride with 5000 bikes :shock:
  4. i'm sure we'll be able to organise some - just not quite that big :LOL:
  5. he he he... i sure hope not too many that big :p my problem is sundays are always my day with my son so they mostly out for big rides :(

    but will definitely say yes for this ride coming up.... plenty of time to organise ways around it :)
  6. I'll be in this one...

    Kinda like a toyrun in June :LOL:
  7. but with a serious message to it.....

  8. So has the Toyrun! giving a bit of joy to some out of luck Ozzies is important to me.

    All the more important cos (in Hobart at least) people take notice of bike riders once a year.
  9. daniel

    :grin: sounds like a good day i will be there with my daughter 10yrs old.
  10. This is always a great ride, this will be my 3rd year.....hope to see you all there, I'll be the guy on the black cruiser with a veterans rocker on my vest, so say hi. :grin:
  11. daniel

    :grin: ok ! hope the weather is good, i will look out for you, see ya
  12. I'm doing this ride :grin: with another group tho.

    if anyone would like to join up with us jus PM me, would be good to see a very large group altogether cruisen up the Highway.
  13. ah gee, i'm committed to doing the kyogle run instead....maybe next year......

  14. Re: daniel

    Hey Razorz
    Small world eh...I was the guy behind you in the car park..with not much tread on the rubber... ok..ok nearly bald!!

    Hope you and your daughter enjoyed the ride,me and my lad thoroughly enjoyed it,first time for us but deffo wont be the last..takes a bit of concentrating tho with bikes all round ya.

  15. Hi All,

    Is one planning on meeting up anywhere before or just in the carpark once you get there?

    It would be great to meet some net riders :grin:
  16. I could be totally mistaken, but I don't know if this ride is an annual thing or was a one off...this was from june 2007?
  17. Thanks Roy Boy - gee I am so blonde today,

    I searched for the topic so I didn create a new one but didnt check the dates!

    But yes it is annual - this sunday