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QLD [QLD] Ride for awareness of motorcycling laws with MRAQ: 2 year helmet life and Hi Viz changes moote

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by chrisco, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. I was sent an email at work from a MRAQ member that said they were thinking about introducing 2 year expiry limits for helmets and hi-vis laws. Does anyone know much information about this as I may not be able to make the ride.

    MRAQ ride info
  2. Re: Ride for awareness of motorcycling laws with MRAQ

    Is this an April fools joke?
  3. 2 year expiry dates? Hahahaha GTFO. $350/yr on helmets? Sounds like typical legislation forcing us to support local businesses or manufacturers :rolleyes:
  4. Is there a link to the actual proposals?
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  5. OR it may force prices down of higher end helmets because at that rate of replacement everyone will buy a Aldi type helmet instead
  6. Good point that the unforeseen consequences may end up having the opposite effect that legislators plan. Not that that stops them.
  7. The seem to want you to go to the forum to hear it all but there is mention at http://www.mraqld.org/index.php/news/60/30/Awareness-of-Our-Riding-Future-29th-April-2012.html

    of "There will be speakers advising what is happening regarding the Hi-Vis issue, 0% Blood Alcohol Concentration only for motorcyclists, the predicted Rego increase, Helmets Standards..... "

    The forum is in Roma street (somewhere).
  8. I asked a few questions of a friend who is highly involved with safety and all these types of comittees

    Not long ago there was a woman here on Netrider asking about peoples experience with their gear in a crash - De Roma or something is her name - she is studying for her Phd and the information she gained from Netrider will be used as part of a push not for compulsory high -viz but rather compulsory gear such as armoured jackets, gloves , long trousers
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    So you're saying that netriders are yet again potentially stuffing it up for the rest? When will you people learn not to answer questions from these people??
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    No - I am saying he explained to me about her and what she is doing and so forth and I remember the thread here in Netrider but can not find it at the moment to link to it

    She admitted it was for her Phd studies but I can not recall if she said the info would go "further"
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    Liz De Rome is the author of the Good Gear Guide, which happened well before she put the thread on NR.

    She categorically is NOT an advocate of mandatory gear.

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  12. No, but everything she says points towards that
  13. The world's key expert Paul Varnsverry doesn't support mandatory gear.

    TAC isn't pushing mandatory gear - but supports education and the star campaign.

    Vicroads is for L platers but otherwise no - but supports education and the star campaign.

    Only VicPol and do gooders are pushing for mandatory gear.

    Truth is, over 90% of all Vic riders wear gear - so there's no real energy behind the push here. This % is lower in NT and FNQ due to climate.

    Anyway, I haven't heard anything about the numpties pushing these conservative proposals in QLD. I hope they are having a clear debate rather than one of these carcentric power drunk pushes onto a road user group for it's own good.
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  14. I wouldn't dissmiss some type of compulsory gear to soon.

    Just look at France from 1st January 2013


    Starting to happen in Europe so you can just about count on the snowball effect sooner or later.
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    with all due respect I do not believe that for a moment

    it reminds me of

    "my government will not introduce a carbon tax" Juliar Gillard
    "GST would never become part of Liberal Party policy" John Howard

    Bureaucrats, Academics, Industry consultants, politicians they all change their stand depending on where the $$$$ come from or start flowing

    in from

    watch how quickly it changes to "I support mandatory gear due to the dollar savings to the public hospital system as well as individual lives being preserved blah blah blah "

    My business is making and selling protective gear as you know, however I advocate for free choice and no mandatory gear.

    However I do advocate Australian standards so that YOU who put your money and faith in a product can be assured it will do the job you want it too.
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  17. I'm on the same mailing list. France has introduce mandatory hi viz and other draconian measures, but not mandatory gear. Ireland has also introduced mandatory hi viz.

    These are live world scale "blame the rider" experiments and whether hi viz will make a difference is going to be closely scrutinised. Some authorities with their heads stuck up their arses and no concepts about motorcycling thinks this is a good idea... my prediction is that the results will not support their goals. Ireland could be a different kettle of fish though, given that they have shorter riding windows and less daylight... even the Irish riders aren't completely against hi viz - just the mandatory nature of it.

    Fine. The experts aren't changing their minds. If the government and gov agencies change their mind they'll have some serious talking to do given the reasons they justify non mandatory gear right now - they'll have to argue against themselves then convince the wider public.
  18. I don't mind mandatory gear as long as it doesn't require particular types of gear (like leather only) although I don't think it needs legislating but requiring High Viz would shit me to tears.

    I do NOT want to look like a crossing lady when I'm riding the bike!
  19. I'll wear mandatory gear when drivers get mandatory gear too.
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