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[QLD] Reckless riders behind motorcycle deaths: Mickel

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by matti-san, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Dangerous and reckless behaviour is behind a sharp rise in motorcyclist deaths, the Queensland government says.

    The warning came as the toll on the state's roads climbed to 65 deaths today after another motorcyclist was killed on the Gold Coast when his bike and a semi-trailer collided on the Pacific Motorway.
    The number is nine deaths more than for the whole of 2006, and part of a total of 313 road deaths to date this year.

    The cause of the Gold Coast crash is still being investigated but the news today prompted Transport Minister John Mickel to appeal to motorcycle riders to stop the "senseless waste of life".

    "To have lost this many motorbike riders on our roads is overwhelming, especially when so many of these fatalities would have been avoidable," Mr Mickel said.

    He said police had found the main contributing factor for many of the crashes were speed, alcohol and illegal manoeuvres.

    "That tells me that many of these deaths were not accidents - they were the result of deliberate and reckless behaviour," he said.

    "Most riders are young guys, and it would be fair to say at that age you feel bullet-proof.

    "But as we have seen the body is a fragile thing and if you come off your bike at speed you are totally unprotected."

    He said the government had launched a motorbike safety campaign in July and taken steps to improve its motorcycle licensing program.

    But he said motorcyclists had to do their part.

    "I urge motorbike riders to be extremely careful on the roads, slow down and give themselves the best possible chance of surviving the ride," Mr Mickel said.

    More at http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/new...e-deaths-mickel/2007/11/07/1194329292461.html

    Note the above accident was caused by the truck not the bike!

    QLD Gov anti bike crusade continues, you poor buggers :mad:
  2. Exactly!! On the teev this morning, the report was that the truck "suddenly and without warning" crossed to the wrong side of the road. Poor bloody rider had no effing chance. One eyewitness reported the truck in the air as it crossed the median. Police were also checking for the truck's speed at the time.

    But hey, blame the rider every time ... :evil:
  3. Make that 66... another one today.

    Condolences to all those who have a lost a loved one, a friend, another motorcyclist who won't be nodding back at you on your daily commute.

    And take a moment, send a thought to the emergency personnel who have the worst job in the world, and do your best to never be the one they see on the tarmac.

    Safe riding, make it home everytime you get on your bike... there's been enough blood spilled on our streets
  4. they fail to mention the idiot drivers who think bikes are invisible...
    a guy from my uni passed away( i didn't know him) becuase a driver decided to turn right across double lines- the newspaper article kept repeating that the rider was "gunning" it over and over again and made it sound as if it was his fault :mad:
    since my uni is so small.. it has affected the entire place pretty badly- this happened last weekend

    I cannot believe how shoddy newspapers twist the story to make the motorcyclist always at fault :mad: :mad:
  5. arsenalroc, send a letter to the editor, set the story straight.

    Email the Transport Minister JOHN MICKEL with your concerns about the negativity from the Media regarding motorcycle accidents. One person can be all it takes to make a change, but if we all do this, it will happen a whole lot quicker.

    Email to: transport@ministerial.qld.gov.au

    I emailed the previous Minister at the beginning of the year with my concerns about the lack of advertisements in Qld to raise driver awareness of bikes and scooters, and what do we see now? Ads telling drivers to look out for bikes.

    I may not be the only one who contacted the Minister, but I like to think I made it a little safer for all of us.
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  7. If the Minister has come out with a public statement blaming the rider's behaviour, when in fact it was caused by the truck, then apart from writing to the Minister, make sure you also write to the Opposition spokesman for Roads(the minister's shadow). Point out that the minister has gone off half-cocked with incorrect information and has now caused further pain and aggravation for the family and friends of the innocent rider killed. If the opposition wants to make a show of no confidence in the Minister, this may get them in Parliament or the media making the point that riders aren't always at fault and that the Minister should have thought about the rider's family before making uninformed statements. This might fight some of the stereotypes.
  8. gegvasco, I'm not saying the Transport Minister has done anything negative. We are saying that in the majority of media reports following a riders death that the media state the details in a way that it seems the motorcyclist was at fault, when, upon further investigation it is found that the other vehicle was at fault.