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QLD RE to R Class Question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by warnzie, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Ok, Am able to get my R class very soon. Have rang a few qride places to get prices ect and the one thing that every person i've spoken to on the phone says is that "I know its a stupid question and probably a illegal question but have you ridden a higher capacity bike other than a lams bike". Hold the phone, how in hell do you ride a larger capacity bike on your RE's without breaking the law till your 1yr time is finished up!

    The majority of providers replied, "The lams system is falted by this silly rule of not been able to ride a non-lams bike till the end of a 12mths period...and we know, how can you get any real experience in the mean time unless you wait 12mth, buy a non lams bike, have someone behind you at all times and not even look at it unless you have someone with you".

    3 out of the 5 providers i rang, all said that hopefully it will be changed very soon due to constant meetings with QT and will hopefully see an RE holder able to ride a non lams bike after 9mths under the supervison of a R class rider and can get R class after 12mths.

    Sounds like a good change to a very good system to make it even better=D>
  2. Re: RE to R Class Question

    Would love to see this implemented in NSW but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't.....
  3. Re: RE to R Class Question

    i've actually wondered that myself warnzie.... we'll see if it takes effect huh
  4. Re: RE to R Class Question

    Its only illegal for you to ride a non-LAMS on the roads, there are no such restrictions on private property (as far as I know).

    Also, what do they mean by "..how can you get any real experience in the mean time..."? The way I'm interpreting it, the answer is "By riding you're LAMS bike as much as possible". A motorcycle is a motorcycle, and I don't see there being much a 1000cc bike can teach a leaner that a 500cc can't. So what am I missing? :-s
  5. Re: RE to R Class Question

    the only difference is on a lams bike if you nail it in first you won't be staring at the sky, as is very possible on any 600-1000 sports bikes, and many others.
  6. they will put you on a 600, hornet or something like that, very easy to ride dont stress it