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[QLD] RE --> R test booked yay! What's invloved?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Locky28, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Booked my license test at Dept of Transport to upgrade my "RE" license to an unrestrected "R" license on the 21st Oct. I'm borrowing a friends Yamaha R1 in a week or two to practice on and do the test on.

    I just wanted to check if anyone knows what's involved? I did a Q-Ride course for my RE but this is just going to be a regular $45 test.
    Is it going to be the same as getting my car license i.e. just drive around for a bit albeit with the instructor following me rather than being in the car? Or do they do things a little differently....

  2. When I called Qld Transport to inquire about the test, thats pretty much
    what they told me. I however took the Q-Ride option in the end.
  3. Do you have to do a whole day through q-ride?

    I was lookin at doing the test cause that'd be cheaper but don't know someone with a non lams bike... its true you have to bring a non lams bike to the test ye?
  4. It was a half day when I did Q-Ride to get my RE, and yeah if you do the test through Dept of Transport you have to supply your own bike suitable for the license your going for, which is why I'm borrowing a mates R1. for my class R.

    What made you decide to do q-ride derick? So was that for your RE license or have you done Q-Ride twice?
  5. Because the test was in Logan(bleh) and one month more than i was willing to wait for.

    The Q-Ride session reinforced some good habits , was a breeze, got to ride the Honda hornet and i got to complete Q-Ride with my bro (again) :)

    I think at the end of the day Q-ride was more beneficial than some
    guy following me for 30mins counting the number of times i stuffed up so he could fail me.
  6. guy at work went to the department of transport on Monday got his RE then did q-ride on Tuesday and get his R. (well thats what he says and the dates on his licence are consecutive iam told)

    me iam doing q-ride on the 9-10 (iam half way thro a pain in the but 2 week wait from the day i got my new 750 till the day i do q-ride lol)
  7. When I did my RE QRide a few weeks ago there was 1 RE (me) and 3 R guys. They did everything I did but on the bigger bike.

    Doing the test at Queensland Transport was a right proper pain - they don't want you to do it that way, I'd suggest. They only do it at three places in Brisbane - all of which are 30 ks from my place - and they don't open on weekends. Since you have to bring your own bike, to do it legally I had to have a mate ride there on the bike so I could do the test, or supervise me there so I could do the test, wait for me in case I failed, and then come home with me. On a weekday - which meant they'd have to take a day off work and they'd have to ride to my place (20ks) and then 30ks to the place, and then back again.

    In the end it's easier to do QRide one-dayer on their bikes, and you're more likely to pass the test I'd suggest. This changing the rules so you have to do a test to get 'R' is a real boon for HART and Stay Upright and people like that... I will say though that since the 'R' guys still made about as many n00b mistakes as I did, it's probably not a bad idea all things considered.

  8. I thought taking the test at QT involved some amount of the same competencies as those done at q-ride..?