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QLD RE Licence

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by H0LESH0T, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Alright, I've got some questions to do with getting RE Licecne. Im 25, live in qld and im on my Open HR (truck) licence and have been on my RE L's for about 8 years (never got around to getting full licence). Im thinking of doing a Q-Ride or some kind of course to get my RE Opens (is there P plates with motorcycles?) I currently don't own a motorcycle and don't really want to purchase a LAMS approved bike only having to deal with the hassle of selling it when I am no longer on restrictions so I was wanting to do a course that supplies a bike and wait till im no longer on restrictions. How long would it be till I am no longer on restrictions. Everyone keeps saying something different. I went onto Top Rider and checked out the FAQ ( http://www.toprider.com.au/Pages.asp?PageID=12 ) and it says there that even after the 12 month peroid you have to go back and do another course so you are no longer on restrictions. Am I reading this correctly?

  2. yep that's right, 1 year after doing RE you go back to do R and you'll be unrestricted.
    having said that, i STRONGLY advise against not riding through your restrictions
  3. Whys that? I wasn't going to ride that much at all through the restrictions. I was actually looking at purchasing a bike that isn't LAMS approved and have it in the garage until im no longer on restrictions.
  4. so you're another rookie idiot planning on jumping straight on a litrebike?
    do i really need to point out how stupid that is?????
  5. Well that makes sense on what you said about not riding on restrictions. Bike i was looking at was 600cc, the 2010 model is lams approved but older ones arent (er6n). You can point out how stupid it is if you like Mr Stoner.
  6. ??????????????? oh
  7. You have had you REL for 8 years, whats another year? Just buy a cheap second hand LAMS bike for a year. Bonus is you get some experience up before you get on an unrestricted bike.

    BTW. Some 600cc models are pretty nuts, especially if you are looking at a 2010 model!

    As for P plates. If you currently have to use one, then you will on the bike. Based on what you have suggested you will not need P plates. However, for the first 12 months of your RE, you are a on a provisional licence. Same when you get your R licence. The toprider site is correct. After 12 months on your RE, you will need to be restested to get your R (unrestricted) licence.
  8. Yeah, i think ill purchase a dirt bike to ride with for now. Cant get over that bikes that are lams approved are overpriced.
  9. You could always buy a new LAMS 650 that you could de-restrict when you get your R. Might keep you going for a year or two even.

    Listen to the advice, I know with me, the more I practice, the more I know I was shit and still am.

    WTB: Slow riding skills.......... need more.
  10. I was in the same boat as you. I had my REL for years. I got cleaned up in a hit and run on my scooter and vowed I would never ride a bike again... Anyway, lots of shit happened and I really wanted to get onto a hayabusa, not because it was a litre+ bike, but because I liked the look. Currently on a GS500F, which the wife bought new for 7k. When I first rode it, I was scared to wind it out in 1st, now it feels gutless. To be honest, it was the best and safest thing I did. I looked at the GSX600's for a while before the GS thinking the same thing as you. I want to stay on the GS for another couple of years to help increase road skills, but I know when I get my R I will go get a bigger bike.

    Trust me on this one, get yourself a lams bike and get road experience. Just pick up a cheap shitter if you dont want to spend the cash. Its well worth the effort. You will learn valuable skills and preserve your life at the same time.
  11. If I can add my input as well, i'd recommend getting a lams bike as well to build your experience. I was in the same position as yourself and tra, having had the bike learners for a years, so while I have been driving for a long time, riding a bike requires a different skill set.

    Spending more time on the bike increasing your experience will develop your ability while decreasing your SR. As TRA sugguested get something cheap and sell it when you want to get a bigger bike, all the experience you rack up will become invaluable when you ride something faster.
  12. You shouldn't loose anymore than $500 from buying to selling your LAMS bike. They are in high demand, and still will be next year. Maybe even more so, because it might have stopped raining for more than 2 days by then, so people might be thinking about buying then. $500 for a fair bit of experience, and a few less 'oh ess-hit' moments is worth it I would feel.

    Hell, if you buy smart, then sell well you might even come up on top.

    And anyway, 600s depreciate too much... Oh yeah, and temptation would suck...
  13. Suzuki GS500's sell 2nd hand for $6990 at the bike shop down the road and a brand new one cost $7990.

    the funny part is that they are in such high demand that there is a waiting list for second hand ones.
  14. Half way through my restrictions I sold my 250, bought a GSX-R600 and just rode it at the track. I'm a much better rider thanks to the track time and the more I ride it on the track the less I want to ride it on the road because it's just not that much fun (comparatively).

    Some of the LAMS motards are cool and effing fast too FYI. Get on one of those you'll probably want to keep it after your 12 months are up.

    There are heaps of options whereby you don't have to shell out $10K+ for a POS LAMS bike.

    Hatto at TopRider is a great instructor.