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[QLD] RE 250 License and speeding

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by wheeler84, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. dang it... I think I went and got myself a speeding fine... just a quick spin out to get some tea after a long riding session earlier in the day, went past speed camera on ashmore road, gold coast... i've seen them there before so should've known better...

    saw another bike and got a bit excited, caught up to him but noticed he was going quite slow... as I drew level with him big flash goes off (at night as well), see in the corner of my eye a marked speed camera van. my indicated speed could put me in about 20km/h over worth of shit, but i'm hoping that given that I looked and saw the van, it can't of been me because at that angle he wouldn't be able to see my number plate right? I went back to confirm the worst, and noticed a dude sitting in the back of the van, couldn't understand why he was doing that, but thinking that he might've had a detection device at the back?

    - is the camera normally at the front of the van/car?
    - what is the range on them? as in how far away do they detect speed?
    - in qld on an RE 250 license is that considered to be P plate even though I have my full car license? I noticed the penalties are harsher for L/P platers so hoping I don't fall into that category....

    argh stressful!
  2. Camera is always at the front of the vehicle, however can detect vehicles travelling in either direction.

    The first 2 images show how the directionality of the laser detection occurs from the camera.



    This shows where the camera equipment is located....


    This website may be useful.....

  3. cheers tubby that definitely gives me some hope.... the only thing that still has me worried is I reckon I was going the quickest out of everyone, except hoping my recollection is right when I saw the van a split second after the flash, meaning I must've been beside it not ahead of it...
  4. As far as your licence goes, you should be fine. You've got one licence (presumably an open class) that allows you to drive cars (C) and ride motorcycles under 250cc (RE). This means you have 12 points, because you're on your opens. Doesn't matter that you've only had the RE for a short time, you've had your licence long enough to qualify for an Open class, so you've got your 12 points. The downside to this is that you can't use up all your points on the bike, and keep on driving!

  5. cool thats good to know, haven't had any run ins with the law since moving to qld a few years ago, so my car license is fully intact. Whereas in Vic, I racked up 4 pissy speeding fines in the space of about 2 years, all of which were for ridiculously low speeding offenses (<10 over)....

    I was starting to think qld was more sensible with their approach to speeding but it seems like they are starting to jump on the revenue raising bandwagon as well. (Although possibly 20 over, ok I was stupid)