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[QLD] R - License test, R1 with Tail Tidy?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Locky28, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm booked in for my big boy license this Thursday, and a friend of mine was kind enough to lend me his R1 for the test, which I picked up tonight.

    What I didn't consider was the fact that his bike has a tail tidy and LED rear blinkers, therefore AFAIK making it "unroadworthy".

    Is this something that could be overlooked by the tester? or are they going to pick up on it straight away and knock me back.... I'm concerned that if I go in on it I'll get a defect notice on my mates bike.

    Advice appreciated, thanks.
  2. they're not allowed to give defects, but they can refuse to let you do the test because it's unroadworthy
  3. Thanks for the reply Forgotten. I'd assume if they knocked me back they'd just tell me to arrange another time with a different bike rather than make me pay again?

    Also Rocky's not that big, and I'm not sure whether the person running my test will even be specificly assigned to bike tests, or just a general tester, so they might not even notice....
  4. if you're doing it through qgov you got buckleys chance of bein told to scram and bein able to rebook for free.
    if you're doing qride you MIGHT get away with it, but no promises
  5. now delete this post before any of the testers see it and look for you :p
  6. Tester didn't say anything. Got me to test blinkers and brakes without a hitch.

    Failed the test though, I had to merge in front of a Winnebago because the tester moved to the left lane a couple of cars back. Indicated for a good 5 secs before merging well ahead of it but aparently the driver jumped on the brakes, and that counts has a critical error of MY judgement. Seems more like the driver just wasn't paying attention and I surprised him, though to be fair, it probably was pretty hard to see the LED indicators in the daytime :p Other than that I had full marks on the test sheet :( Load of crap but meh what can I do.

    Booked in for next month, going to use the same bike I guess.