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QLD [QLD] Queensland's material for Road safety in the school curriculum

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. http://tmr.qld.gov.au/Safety/School-road-safety/Road-Safety-Matters.aspx

    Road Safety Matters

    Road Safety Matters
    has been developed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads in partnership with the Department of Education and Training.

    It is a comprehensive curriculum–based education package designed to stimulate discussion and understanding of road safety issues amongst primary and early secondary students.

    Road Safety Matters meets current curriculum requirements in Queensland. It aligns with Queensland Studies Authority’s Years 1-9 Health and Physical Education Essential Learnings and provides a range of opportunities for integration with other key learning areas.

    Research has shown that exposing children early to positive road safety messages, and then reinforcing these messages consistently over time, is effective in influencing attitudes and behaviours towards road safety throughout their lifetime.

    To download the resources for your school, select your year level.

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    When I heard about this, I feared opening up the link and see a whole lot of speed kills brain washing... it's refreshing to see that this wasn't the tack taken with this material.

  2. links are broken rob. At the end of the day, raging testosterone will beat positive messages every time.
  3. ...weird, NR has substituted the NR's website for the gov qld part of the web address. Best go to the main site and click from there.

    Actually, your assertion may not be right. Attitude adjustment through targetted training has been shown to be effective. MUARC have several papers on it... fascinating then how they keep towing the non training line... but more to the point, if kids grow up with a background of a certain expectation of road behaviour, there's a good chance that they will follow it.
  4. well, either way, it didn't work on me.
  5. let's hope it doesn't just crap on about how speed kills and the $afety cameras are here for our own good... I don't see how educating children about the roads can be a bad thing. This makes far more sense than making 40 zones pop up along 6 lane arterial roads for darwin award nominees
  6. Links on the actual site work fine for me. Links in the OP don't.
  7. edited for context
  8. Worked on me a bit.

    But then, most of my pre-road education was centred around some basic but effective (and IAM approved :D) techniques for (a) not crashing and (b) not getting booked. Unthinkingly obeying the exact letter of the law was a long way down the list :twisted:.
  9. This type of attitude is exactly why the police are out there on the roads, doing what they have to do.

    Time and time again speed has been shown to be the leading cause of fatal accidents, time and time again the police have advertised and issued warnings about dangerous speeding on our roads, and this attitude still persists in the community.

    It is high time some of us stand up and say "we've had enough!".

    I don't want to see anybody speeding and risking their safety and mine on public roads. They are roads for transportation not street racing!
  10. I have a question?
    Is it possible for two different people on netrider with the same name?

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  13. it really was quite a clever reply. credit where credit is due and all...
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    What happened? You used to be cool...
  15. Weird hey lol
    I wonder boy racer if you have ever seen a police accident report sheet ???