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(QLD) QRIDE training question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by arsenalroc, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. hey guys,
    finally managed to convince the parentals to let me take the plunge.
    no on getting the bike yet but they want me to do QRIDE to see if i really want to ride so....
    i live between brisbane(southside) and gold coast so i am looking for reviews about training areas between these places
    i searched the netrider partners and found that ridesmart at kuraby which is closest to my place seems to offer a decent deal- any thoughts?
    many thanks!

  2. Hey. I did my Q-Ride with Warren from ridesmart and he is great. He's an excellent instructor, very thorough and I felt completely safe with him. Well worth the money I reckon.
  3. I did mine at Toprider Nerang, good bunch of blokes, and were pretty thorough, especially with those that hadn't ridden before.
  4. I too did mine with Warren from RideSmart....

    Awesome instructor and good value for money....
  5. well looks like i will be giving warren a call asap
    thanks for the quick response guys
    one last thing... a rough idea of the costs?
  6. I just did my open licence with Ridesmart and also found warren a really good teacher.

    Mine cost 595 all up for 3 days, but that included a public holiday and weekend as well, so you can get it cheaper depending what time of week you go.
  7. Mine was 550 for the 3 days during the week with Warren
  8. Could try Stay Upright they use the mount cotton purpose built facility, fun to watch the audi's testing while you have lunch
  9. yes i can afford that! :grin: :grin:
    audi testing...haha
    thanks for the info guys![/quote]
  10. I just did mine during the week, and it was charged at $60 an hour, so all up it was $540. That was out at Kallangur, but I assume that the pricing should be similar down your way.
  11. This is my 2nd post on this the first didnt get through cause my internet conked out. damn wireless internet.

    I went to Ride Smart Motorcycle Training at Runcorn on the southside, with Warren. It's the best, I learnt heaps in those 3 days that I did it. Give them a ring during the day, Marnie will help you out with pricing and other enquiries.

    I was unconfident and nervous on the first day. By the last day I could carve up the carpark, and ride perfect out on the road.

    Sad thing is I still havent got a bike yet hahaha, gotta save up that money from MacDonalds :LOL:
  12. Being a Finance person in my day job, I compared about 10 different rider trainings from around the Brisbane area. I was originally looking at Ian Watson (cause I live like 2 km from him) but his website, and the dude answering his phone both said you need your own bike, although Wato himself has a different answer to that....

    Upon comparing all the others, I found Warren to be the best value for money.

    The only thing with Warren's I didn't like was he gave me a 500cc to ride and the battery kept going kaput, but the positive is I learnt how to clutch start a motorbike....
  13. I'd just go with the cheapest and do it in as little time as possible (1 day course), then go do a proper course with the money left over.

    QRide is a bit of a joke IMO.
  14. Mine was done through Ian Watson, and the bike was provided - All I had to do was ask, and pay $60 an hour instead of $55 :)

    And just for the record, the guy that answered the phone when I spoke to them didn't have a clue about the Q-Ride system, or what they offered. It was only when he passed me over to the guy that actually ran the course that I got some answers to my questions.
  15. haha i am in the same boat!
    booked in for thursday for my first session
    SOOOOOO excited!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  16. Agreed. I did mine in one day. Started at 8am and finished at 3pm with only about 3hrs max of riding. Cost me $270.

    I did mine with another girl during the week and she passed and couldn't ride to save herself. I would have given her a few days before she had a stack. Good thing she only had a cb250.

    Get your licence then get out on a quiet road and practice. Then when you have some confidence in your ability, go and do another more advanced course. It will help you more than doing a 3 day qride course when you have little riding experience.
  17. There are some really good deliverers of the QRide system...and some average ones too. I have encouraged many of my friends to get their bike licence and very few haven't come away dissatisfied.

    Two of my mates went to a Motorcycle School in Maroochydore and both said that they left no stone unturned and that everyone who participated was very capable at the end of the day.
    One of these guys went and did an Advanced course with someone else and said it was a waste of time as he had learnt it all on the Qride.
    I guess it comes down to the motivation of the training company. Some do it for the money and want to pass people in the shortest possible time where other providors are enthusiasts who really enjoy their job, understand the needs of the new rider, deliver the qride in a way that the student conpletes the course with a good chance of undertanding motorcycle control and roadcraft.

    I guess, compared to many other countries the training requirements in Australia are very low cost but training is necessary to be safe and learn the correct way to do things from the word go. If someone does find a trainer who id too soft and just issues the student should either ask for more training at no charge their money back. Q ride is competency based and riders should know and feel they are confident the are able to accept the licence. It is their own safety at risk.
  18. warren

    i just finished my first day with ridesmart an warren was such a nice instructor and easy to deal with. i just cant wait till tursday comes then i can ride on the road woot woot :)
  19. Re: warren

    you doing at southside??
    i am doing my first on thursday as well!!
  20. Yep

    Yep, im at the level 2 now so its the later start im going to 10am..... how about you ?

    Edit - southside too