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[QLD] QLD/VIC Mystery Ride, Sun Aug 12th

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: kerrie oakes

    Come and join us as we welcome the victorian netrider crew and show them one of our favourite rides.

    Time: 8.30 am

    Meet point: Dayboro Swimming Pool. William St, Dayboro

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  2. Me, me! Pick me! :grin: :grin:

    See you there!

    Mystery huh? :shock:

    You wouldn't lead me astray would you Kez?
  3. i'll be there.....

    and yep, its a real mystery......

    (even to me...... :shock: )

    actual ride details will be posted once they're worked out :grin:

    riders list:

    righty (maybe)
  4. I'm 68.356% sure I can make this one. I may be moving on that weekend, plus it's my birthday on the saturday so I can't commit too much yet.
  5. well, what a fun way it would be to celebrate.....but, understandable. i'll add your name to the 'maybe' list.....

  6. People seem to think I'm a mystery, so it's suited to me....
  7. ok count me inski
  8. Sounds like fun, I'd ride a thousand miles to be in this.
  9. yep im there already
  10. Surely this ride will take us across Glorious? In fact, I would say our last group ride would even be a perfect route to take them on.
  11. I was thinking that the last group ride would be lovely to take them on. Get away from the ten million other riders on Glorious?

    Who is up for heading north?

    I was also wondering if they may be over riding after the long trip and (dare I say it) may want to do a sight-seeing tour in the cages?
  12. I've wondered the same myself.

    How about we let them decide when they're here.

    Sorry but there's only one convertible to squeeze into though :p
  13. see how much fun can be had with a good mystery novel :wink:

    my two-cents worth:

    • not sure i'm up for a long run myself - this will be my first longish ride after my op
      i missed the last ride and want to do it again
      i've never been up glorious from the samford side - do i really want to?
      if i've just spent a week travelling, then a day being humiliated on the kart track would i want a long ride or prefer to cage?

    more discussion *might* contribute to the final chapter

  14. Hey Kezza (and anyone else who may not want to do a loooong ride that day),

    Save Lakeside Cruise in Show

    Sunday, 12 August 2007

    Cruise in on your street car or bike, or even bring the track beast on a trailer!

    Be a part of the rally to re-open Lakeside Raceway, enter the show’n’shine or just come down for a look at two and four wheel works of art and engineering. All for just $2!

    Lakeside Raceway has been the home of motorsport in Queensland for over 40 years and a small group is trying block the re-opening of one of the country’s rare motorsport facilities. They don’t care if your friends or kids die while racing in the streets because there is no safe alternative - just as long as their property values increase.

    If motorsport is your passion, this is your last chance to stand up and be counted.

    You don’t need a showpiece, just a daily driver, or even if you’ve only got a half built, partially restored frame, bring it on the trailer. Wear your motorsport apparel and show them we’re not going sit back and let them take our track away!


    Sizzling BBQ and drinks available all day – NO ALCOHOL
    Price - $2 per person includes cruise, show’n’shine competition fee and entry fee. All profits going to Save Lakeside campaign.
    Simple event registration required for all vehicles attending the event – available at Lakeside Café Botanical Gardens for cruise & Lot 4 Lakeside Rd for show’n’shine.
    Event registration available on the day. Downloadable forms not yet available on-line.

    Pre-cruise hot breakfast available & Registration for all cruise participants
    Lakeside Café Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens Toowong, Brisbane

    Start Cruise to Lakeside
    *Event registration required for all participating vehicles.
    Car park opposite Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens main entrance (make your own way or follow the leader)

    Arrive at Save Lakeside Cruise and Show
    Lot 4 Lakeside Rd, Kurwongbah
    (at the end of the road, opposite Lakeside Raceway)

    Entries close for People’s Choice Show’n’Shine Competition

    Trophy categories:

    People’s Favourite Motorcycle
    People’s Favourite Car

    Presentation speeches
    LMRE president, QEMSC president, C.A.R.S. and more…

    Voting closes for show’n’shine and winners announced

    Event finish

    Event proudly promoted by the Queensland Early Motorcycle Sports Club in conjunction with Lakeside Motor Racing Enthusiasts - www.lakesideraceway.com

    Only possible with strong support from Motorcycling Australia – Queensland
  15. who wants to come south? I think its time to take you girls over springbok on through and up tamborine for lunch. :wink: then for teh adventourous O'rileys plateau.... I have always wanted to take a look.
  16. i'll see moo all there.
  17. oh btw guys not sure if it's too late....but i would love to stop at the Ettamogah pub hopefully for a meal (or just for a look around).

    The reason being i lived in townsville for 8 yrs & brissy for 2.5 and have driven past it so many times but never stopped and it's one of those things i kick myself for.....

    So you reckon we can sqeeze it in on one of our ride days/tours??? Very Happy

    as per kezza suggestion :LOL:
  18. so, given you've taken my suggestion (hehehehehe), can i add your name to the list of riders for the mystery tour?
  19. yep, unless i am too pissed from the night before..... :LOL: i am not the always my best the next day after a few to drink :oops: loz can vouch for this :LOL:
  20. and what makes you think the rest of us will be any better????????

    :cool: :LOL: